Why Do Dogs Bury Their Food?

Does your dog have the behavior of burying food and now wondering if it is the norm? Yes, it is ok. There is no problem when your dog buries food. Your loved one is following what her ancestors used to do. The burying of food is a behavior that should not surprise you. Your hunting dogs have inherited the behavior from their predecessors in the wild. For the canines to reserve food for the mortal days, did the burying of food. However, modern breeds do not have to store food. Capable owners guarantee that the dog has enough to eat regularly. On the other hand, dogs have been tamed for millennia, but despite everything, they have the inalienable behavior of burying food. Ok let us see some of the reasons that are making your best dog food

​Reasons why dog bury food

To understand why dogs bury their food, I will use the example of how wolves hunt in nature. Wolves hunt small to large preys. For example mice, the successful hunt ends with a quick jump and an immediate kill that is followed by feasting just on the spot. If it is a surplus, then the burying comes in.The burial activity consists in digging a gap with the front paws while still holding the meat in the jaws. At the point where the hole is sufficiently large, the wolf only opens the jaws and gives the meat a chance to fall into it. At this point, he uses his nose to push the earth over the dog food. Unlike a cat, she never uses her forefeet to fill the food she has buried. When it is time now to feast, divulges the flesh with fore paws, snaps it into the pines, gives a fantastic jerk to shake off the earth accumulation, and then rests to feast.

​Why wolves do that?

​This protects food from other preys, especially birds such as crows, ravens, and vultures. In the sultry summer climate, the meat is additionally protected from flies and slimy parasites.

​What about for the dog?

​Now for the dog, it is easy to deduce what conditions must be in place to urge him to bury food. And here are some of the reasons that might drive your loved to bury food.

​1. Surplus food

In the primary case, there must be a food surplus. An eager dog, like his wolf predecessors, would eat whatever he could. Only if there was something left that could not be eaten is when burying takes place for future consideration. Your dog might not bury the commercial food. The nature of most commercial food sometimes makes it difficult for the canine to hold in his/her jaws while digging the hole. Also for the dry puppy dog food, it is not common to see the burying behavior.But in case of something hard like bones, you will notice such behavior manifesting itself. So this gives us the next reasons why dog buries their food.

​2. Hard to process food

The reasons why your dog is burying its food might be because she wants it to decompose until the point when she can easily have a bite. For sure, regardless of whether the canines are not overweight and have no real food surplus, a huge bone that is hard to cut and eat is likely to be buried. It is not a surprise, even if there is it is not a surplus. Nature is forcing her to do so.

​3. Raw food

​When the dog is served with too much raw food, there is a likelihood of burying behavior. Why? It is only because the burying means some time before feasting. This will give the raw food some other taste.


The above are some of the three reasons why your dog is burying food. So, in case you notice such behavior in your dog, don’t be surprised. It is blood flowing from his ancestors. But if your breed is not displaying anything related to burying, as well don’t worry. It is not a must for every dog to bury the food. She knows that you are capable and you will do everything. So, she is predicting less in the future.

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