Tiki Dog Food Reviews

Tiki Dog Aloha Petites dog foods formulates an expert knowledge food specially for the proper upkeep of your dogs, both puppy and adult dog. These food will give your dog the nutrition profile they need for their betterment, and give them optimum growth, help support your dog’s muscle and the flavors they crave which will makes them want more. So, as a dog owner and you want a better upbringing for your dog and to make them look beautiful, this review is for you. This Tiki dog food reviews give some types of Tiki dog foods both wet and dry and you can choose the type that best appropriate for your pal.

Top 7 Tiki Dog Food Reviews

Tiki Pets Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Baked with Fresh Meat & Superfoods

Tiki Pets Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Baked with Fresh Meat & Superfoods

This food is  grain-free, bite-sizeable, and it is made of real, high-quality protein and nutrient-dense superfoods.

It is a natural nutrition made specially for small dogs, it contains healthy and sufficient carbohydrates they need, and a good flavor which will make them want more of it. A real meat, either poultry or fish is always present and the first ingredient in this food, in addition is the nutrient-dense organ meat. It is formulated to supply the nutritional need of your small dogs. It has no artificial flavors, no by-product. Also, no fillers like white potatoes, wheat, rice or corn.

It is a superfood for your small dogs, as it contains natural ingredients like flaxseed, kale, pumpkin which gives maximum nutrients to the dog. The peas and lentils present in the food supply enough energy needed by your dog. Also, the salmon oil help to improve and nourish a healthy skin and coat of the dog.

This food is made bit size, which makes it easy for small mouth dogs to eat without stress. It is all age crush, completely balanced for all small dogs’ life stages. It is specially baked to preserve its nutrients and good flavor.
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Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Gluten & Grain Free Wet Dog Food with Shredded Meat & Healthy Superfoods

Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Gluten & Grain Free Wet Dog Food with Shredded Meat & Healthy Superfoods

This food is made of a whole, Real, and high-quality shredded chicken and duck. It is steamed together with organ meat full of flavor and nutritious vegetables, and hand-packed in a succulent, mouthwatering chicken broth for added moisture and protein. It is nutrient-dense, this is due to the presence of chicken liver, heart and gizzard in the food. It is grain free with no rice, wheat, corn or white potatoes, and it supplies enough protein and fiber needed for the betterment of your adult dog. This wet food is completely balanced for small breed dogs of all life stages.

Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Chicken & Duck Maui Grain-Free Canned Dog Food is a nutritious food for your dogs, it is fully formulated and made balanced with adequate nourishment needed for everyday optimal growth and good health of your furry best friend. It also features vitamin A, iron and essential amino acids, nutritious vegetables, like mung beans, sweet potatoes, carrots and kale which are freshly steamed to supply vitamins and mineral your pal needs.

This food also contains vitamins and minerals which are added to give your fur pal the overall health and well-being. And, there are no by-products, fillers and artificial flavors in this special food. You can feed your small breed dog this smooth dish, for any transition to solid food.
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Tiki Dog Petites Real Meat or Poultry Pate – High Protein & Grain Free Wet Dog Food

Tiki Dog Petites Real Meat or Poultry Pate – High Protein & Grain Free Wet Dog Food

This is another special wet dog Food for small dogs. Tiki Dog petites is soft and meaty, high-quality dog Food in the Pate form which dogs love. It is of a high quality protein, packed with real meat, such as lamb and beef, Liver and Kale powder for plenty of protein, nutrition, and flavor. Feeding you dogs with this mousse will supply the adequate protein needed for normal body functioning of the dog and its system as a whole.

This food contains real, high-quality meat, either of lamb or of beef or of duck as the number one ingredient, which are easily digestible and it helps to provide support to your dog’s muscle and enhanced every of its organ development. In addition is a flavorful meat meal and liver which serve as an extra source of protein.

This Paté contains no grains, tapioca, carrageenan, preservatives or artificial flavors, so as a dog owner you have no fear feeding your dog with this special dish. It is a hearty and sound meal right out of the can, and it can be served alone to your dog or mix it with other food you desire. It gives an awesome meal and the balanced nutrients profile needed for the maintenance of your dog.
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Tiki Dog Kauai Luau Succulent Chicken (2.8 oz) 12 Pack

Tiki Dog Kauai Luau Succulent Chicken (2.8 oz) 12 Pack

This special food contains shredded chicken breast, plus brown rice. It is topped with sweet potato, prawns, egg, garlic and kale prepared in lobster consommé for a low grain, gravy free, one percent carb meal.

Tiki Dog Gourmet Whole Food Brand Dog Food Kauai Luau can be fed to your dog alone or you can use it as a supplement to a dry food diet, it adds the missing moisture and help to boost the needed protein and fat levels missing from the granulate.

It is a complete and balanced diet which can be taken by the dog for all life stages. To maintain your dog’s weight, feed it 2-percent of its body weight per day.

This dish supplies a biological and  appropriate natural nutrient profile needed for the beterment and healthy growth of your dog. It comprises a moisture, and it is protein and fat rich food, containing only 1 percentage of carbohydrates. It gives superior taste to your dog as it is gently cooked with prepared and balanced ingredients by persons in the specialty.

You need no fear feeding this special whole food to your dog as it is formulated specially for the prevention and treatment of the total wellness of your dog.

You can also feed this food to your pregnant or nursing dogs, adult dogs and even puppy. It contains added vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional requirements of your dog.
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Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Gluten & Grain Free Wet Food in a Pouch for Adult Dogs with Shredded Meat & Superfoods

Tiki Pets Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Gluten & Grain Free Wet Food in a Pouch for Adult Dogs

This Tiki Dog Aloha Petites give your adult dog the nutrient and protein meal, and it contain a balanced meats and vegetables which are essential to their health and development.

It is a healthy nutritious food with pleasantly rich flavor and of good texture which will make your dog want more and it is perfect for your adult dogs. It contains real, high-quality, shredded chicken and duck meat and seafood. And it is nutrient-dense, having chicken liver, heart and gizzard as its nutrient source.

This formula is made using natural ingredients and superfoods like sweet potato, kale and flaxseed  and a whole mung beans which provides the protein and fibre and the needed nutrient that will give your dog a better growth and beautiful look. It is a grain free dog food, no white potatoes, corn, rice or wheat, no fillers but packed with protein from animal protein sources. This is a delicious and nutritious wet dog food containing nutrient profile needed by dogs for all life stages, and growth which is essential for large size dogs.

If your dog suffer from allergies or have a problem diagnose by your veterinary doctor, this food might not be suitable for it, because it contains beef heart, beef liver and tuna oil, and these may be problematic for dogs.

This grain free wet Food is rich, and its quality protein source with a minimum of cheap starches, and no fillers or by-products.
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Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Air-Dried Morsels – 5 oz. 8TR – Chicken

Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Air-Dried Morsels - 5 oz. 8TR – Chicken

Give to your dog what he craves, which is meat, this chicken morsel is made richly of meat and it is formulated with flavor from real, high-quality chicken. It is chopped into cubes, and its cooked slowly by circulating warm, dry air. This is a chicken sourced protein food and its delicious and perfect as you can add it to your dog’s wet and dry food, enhancing both the flavor and texture of the food.

This chicken morsel is highly naturally preserved and to retain the real flavor, which is a great addition to the dog’s meal, there is no preservatives and it is air dried and it supplies a healthy nutrition for your dogs at all life stages.

The food is bite size and it is easy to serve as the morsels are made into small cubes which makes them a perfect size for your dogs with small mouth and they can eat without stress. Another beautiful thing about this food is that they are easily digestible, which is a great benefit to dogs with sensitive tommy. And it is a food that give support to your dog’ muscle and plays vital role in the development of the body organs.

It is designed with the highest standard of nutrition and it will keep the optimal health of your dog and also supply the needed nutrient for better development of the dog.
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 Tiki Dog Taste of The World High-Protein, Gluten-Free, Moisture Rich Wet Dog Food

Tiki Dog Taste of The World High-Protein, Gluten-Free, Moisture Rich Wet Dog Food

Tiki dog Asian stir fry is a pleasing meal, formulated with a hearty chicken meat, red pepper and snow peas, together with a bed of delicious rice giving your dog a true meal time satisfaction.

It is a complete and balanced meal, formulated to meet the required dog food nutrient profile, thereby, giving your dog the perfect nutrient for growth, body development and help in building their muscle.

This food contains a high-quality protein sources to help your dog maintain and keep up a high levels of energy and positive muscle development. It is grain-free and Gluten-Free as well, and it comes with a savory broth for added moisture and taste.

It is made of Real, high-quality meat as its number one ingredient from different sources and places as well. In addition is the flavorful meat meal and liver which serve as an extra source of protein.

It is made specially and it is always ready to be served. It contains additional vitamins and minerals which contributes to the normal body functioning of your dog.

This is one of Tiki dog foods finest dishes, every favorable gluten free bite is full of yummy chicken chunks, brown rice, carrots, snow peas, and red bell peppers, which makes it a perfect meal for small dogs, a topper, or even a tasty treat.
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Buyers’ Guide


When checking for a dog food, the first five ingredients should be able to tell you simply all you need to know about the quality of a product, because, they make up the bulk of the product.

As a dog owner, you look for food with quality protein sources, a minimum of cheap starches, no fillers or by-products. Going down the ingredient list, make sure the resemble real food with a low amount of unpronounceable chemicals.

Tiki dog make use of natural dog food ingredients, which means that they include high-quality ingredients that are of a reliable source. And the first ingredient is always real meat, also there are no fillers, by-products, added sugars, or artificial colors and preservatives.

Dog food flavors

Every dog food contains a protein source and will have a specific flavor. When choosing flavor for your dog, first check and know if the dog likes that particular flavor before getting it. If you understand the flavor it wants, also note if the protein source of the flavor is easily digestible and does not cause digestive problem for yoir dog, then you are good to go.

Most of the time, chicken is always preferred and it is a very popular choice for dog food. It is very good on a dog’s stomach and it does not cause digestive problem for your dog because it is very easy for them to digest.

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, chicken might be the best option because they often get on quite well with chicken flavored dog food.

Other flavor you can feed your dog with includes, lamb, game, duck, salmon, and turkey, it is also easily digested, and it is similar to chicken and a lot of dogs really like it. Another thing to note when picking flavor is that each flavor has its own benefit which is slightly different from others, for example, for a good dog’s coat and dusk, oily fish is good, since it contains a good source of Omega 3 and Omega 6. Getting a flavor really depend on how your dog gets on with a particular flavor and the benefits you think your dog needs.

Wet dog food

At times dogs can get painstaking. That is when you can give them wet food, because dogs that are not feeling well, ageing, or can not smell very well will need a little extra help to get an appetite for dinner.

Wet foods do have a stronger smell, especially when you have chosen one with a good flavor which will create a greater inducement for the dog to eat. Wet food is also easier to eat for dogs with teeth or jaw problems. It also serve as a source of hydration for dogs that aren’t quite drinking enough water. The carbohydrate content is low and it also contain a higher proportion of animal protein.

Yet, wet food is not good for dogs suffering from dental problems,  unless they are given special dental care like cleaning those bites yourself with a toothbrush.

Understand that wet food spoils very quickly once opened, and they are generally more expensive than dry food, but if you have chosen to buy them, they must be purchased in smaller quantities.

The Frequently Asked Questions

Can Aloha Petites be fed puppy?

Yes, Aloha Petites is a complete and balanced food for all life stages.

What should I feed to my diabetic dog? 

Since most crush are carbohydrate based, low carbohydrate canned foods should be given serious consideration when selecting food for diabetic pets. And you can meet your vet doctor for proper guidance.

Is there a disadvantage to diet rotation?

The main disadvantages to diet rotation are avoiding GI upset and maintaining product freshness

The potential for GI upset can be a problem for some dogs that have stomach sensitive. And since changing between two or more crush can make each of the food bag take longer period to use up, it can be difficult to keep the freshness of each product.

How much food do I feed my dog?

You can follow the feeding instructions on the food packages to feed your dog, since each dog food has a different number of calories per serving. But, if your dog is no longer a puppy, that is, it is fully grown, you can try making use of dog food calculator.

How do I recommend a good food for my senior dogs?

Today, the most recommend food for senior dog are food higher in protein content but also lower in fat, carbs and calories.

Is high protein diets dangerous for senior dogs? 

No, It is confirmed that high protein dog foods make just as much sense and it is good for healthy senior dogs as they do for younger pets.

Is it good to change a dog’s food on a routine basis?

By constantly rotating your dog foods, an unhealthy consequences can be minimized.

Since all the food can not be perfect, and it does make sense to assume every product is deficient or excessive in one way or the other. So,  too much of one nutrient, or a trace of another nutrient may contain little of dangerous toxins. Therefore, by rotating the dog’s meal, built-in flaws can be detected.

How is fiber beneficial to a dog’s health?

Fibres also play an important role in the dog’s body. They are found in dog food and help to improve colon health, aid in weight management and help stabilize blood sugar levels in diabetic dogs. It even help in the control of both diarrhea and constipation.

How does fiber help control inflamed anal glands in dogs?

Fiber can easily absorb water directly into the colon. So, the enlarged stools fiber produced is able to place added pressure on a dog’s anal sacs during defecation. Then, that pressure can help cause the drainage of swollen anal glands.

How can I reduce the weight of my dog? 

For dog to gain too much weight is a bad idea, especially adult dogs. And, excessive weight in dogs is always a matter of calories. Every ingredient contains a different amount of calories, so, by simply reducing the number of calories fed should allow most dogs to lose weight.

How can I reduce calories fed?

You can do this by reducing the size of each serving, and, you use a food with fewer calories per serving.


Tiki Dog Aloha Petites makes, and give your dog the nutrition profile they need for their betterment, and give them optimum growth, help support your dog’s muscle and the flavors they crave which will makes them want more.

Give your furry best friend with the complete and balanced nutrition of Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Dog Food, you can choose any from this tiki dog food reviews. Featuring meat such as fresh chicken, duck meal and turkey liver as the first ingredients for a protein-packed recipe that is easily digestible and helps support your dog’s muscle and organ development. They are gently baked so as to preserve nutrients and flavor, and it has additional vitamins and minerals which are essential to your dog’s overall health and well-being.