Stella And Chewys Reviews

Stella and Chewys reviews intend to make pet owners to be wise in making the right food product choice for their pets, with ant little personal constraints considered as a point to proffer a guide in an effective decision as the wellness of your pet may be so much exerting that attention has to be well drawn to the details of the diet and feeding culture of your dog. In making a choice of food product for your pet, you may have two things to mind; the quality, and satisfaction derived and also the cost-effectiveness of every choice made.Stella and Chewy dog food products venture in providing yummy dog food formula that caters for every breed of dog with the worth of the cost derived in the nourishment and value added to your pet. Stella and Chewy’s has been in the dog food production business for a couple of years and has obtained recommendations by vast population of pet owners. A certification of standard ethics of production and formulation is granted by the FDA and AAFCO upon the credence of the provision of a quality and monitored manufacturing parameters.

Top 8 Stella And Chewys Reviews

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-dried Raw Stella’s Super Beef Dinner Patties Grain-Free Dog Food

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-dried Raw Stella’s Super Beef Dinner Patties Grain-Free Dog Food

This dog food formula is an all-natural grain-free diet for your dog. It composes of a well-balanced meat meal assortment. Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried raw Stella’s super beef dinner patties grain-free dog food is composed of all nutrients ready to be served with every allotment without need for cooking or heating unlike some other dehydrated dog foods. Your pet will certainly love the taste and you will as well love the choice of it. It contains over 90% of meat, organ and bone, freeze-dried and assorted into a recipe that serves the best protein and calcium allowance to your pet.

Stella & Chewy’s recipe is minimally-processed as an all-natural and crafted to best replicate a raw diet as implemented nature-intended. The formula is crafted in USA Stella & Chewy’s own kitchen and affords the best quality product in terms of level of food safety. It is 100% organic and comes with a major duck flavor. The hydrated dog food product has been prepared to preserve the life of hydrolysable nutrients which upon soaking, unlocks a full flavor and in nutrition to watch your dog dive into it. This simple Stella and Chewy’s Dinner Patties do not require rehydration and is simply served when ready.

Other benefits are nutrients derived for healthy teeth and gums, stamina, vitality and healthy weight. The available protein and ground bones in each product provides support for lean strong muscles and boost for pup’s stamina and endurance. Other ingredients including; pumpkin seed, organic cranberries, organic spinach, turkey gizzard, sodium phosphate monobasic, among others and tocopherols preservative, folic acid, thiamine mononitrate. All these nutritional items are specially introduced for a guided grant for nourishment and preserved food product quality.

Patties offer the best of egg albumen and yolk nutrients and sauced mix of other meat taste and protein values added.
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Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-dried Raw Stella’s Super Beef Meal Mixers Grain-free Dog Food

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-dried Raw Stella’s Super Beef Meal Mixers Grain-free Dog Food

Super beef meal mixers dog food product provides a quantitative value to the essence of feeding your dog enough nutritional as well as satisfying diet. Beef is a major source of essential proteins with provision for enough calories to serve as an analogue to the derivative of carbohydrate from grain starch component which in most occurrences have high gluten level. Gluten, however, is a major cause of gastric upset and bowel irritation occurring in some dogs. This dog food product has been specifically prepared to serve as a topper food for dogs who always want more. It can be mixed with other dry food products and made into a pasty or soggier texture depending on the pet’s favorite.

The product contains multi-vitamins e.g. riboflavin, thiamin, pyridoxine for carrying out unimpaired metabolic functions and keeping the vascularity and rhythmic tone of the heart and other pulsatile organs. These vitamins and nutritional elements are a vital part of a healthy constitution for the lifestyle of your dog with utility ranging from a special mental acuity for dog training to a cognitive wellness with muscular balance. It is perfect for enriching picky eaters with provision for boost of nutrition to help pet thrive. It is also easy to add to any kibble or dry food.

Natural oils, omega fatty acids and normal processing of the Stella and Chewy’s meal mixers aid in providing a healthy skin and coat for your pet. Satisfaction is guaranteed from a scoop, mix, serve procedural direction for product use. It is specially formulated for puppies and small dog breeds who need rapid growth and healthy bone and teeth development and commensurate body weight.
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Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels for Cats

Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels for Cats

This product is as well gluten-free and composes of 90% meat, organ and bone for protein and calcium allowance. It is rich in taurine and this amino-sulfonic acid has regulatory functions in mammals. This component is enhanced with probiotics and antibiotics. The probiotics help to maintain preserving fermentation products of strains of microbes utilized for the formula. It is a healthy food as well for cat as it entails a healthy and smooth digestion. The protein-rich ingredients in their natural state deliver exceptional taste for even the choosiest eater.

Each pound for every morsel provides your pet with a healthy skin and coat from zinc and iron mineral nutrients. It has a balance of protein and fats to maintain a healthy weight and forestall wasting from hyper-metabolic activity in your pet. This Duck Goose Dinner’s all-natural recipe is crafted in small batches to provide the highest levels of protein-rich meat and quality nutrition for your cat. It is consumable for all breed sizes of pet and all life age stages. The product is store stable and can be on the shelf unaltered for a long period preserved to taste.
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​Stella & Chewy’s Raw Blend Red Meat Dog Food 10Lb

​Stella & Chewy’s Raw Blend Red Meat Dog Food 10Lb

For dogs, beef and lamb meals are sort of the best to offer. This dog food product has ingredients including; beef, lamb meal, pork, chickpeas, pea protein, salmon meal, and other essential nourishing food contents that give the best of graded nutrition to your pet. Though expensive, it is worth the cost. It is baked rather than extruded and this is a gain for pet owners with a big dog breed, and there is no worry for bloating. It can be soaked and mixed with a topper feed of averagely uniform kibble size to serve the munch-taste of your dog.

No soy, filler, artificial colors and preservatives, just need to add water for soaking and topper food. The crude fat level of lamb mutton and beef meat does not have to be watched for they have been defatted before freeze-drying. The dog food product has a minimal crude fat level that does not promote an alarming one. When using a liquid to mix this dehydrated product, the liquid from a boiled meat can be a suitable choice as well instead of water. You don’t want to get your dog into an extra pressure from under-perfusion with oxygen following a sclerotic attack from cholesterol deposition and blockade of blood vessel.

This dog food product is of best use to pet owners who discover their dogs taking extra breath than normal or with extrasensory chest beats and palpitations from menial jumps and when dogs careen around, so as to help maintain an optimum activity. It is a food product that is applicable to all life stages. Beef, lamb meal, peas, lentils, pork meal, chickpeas, salmon meal afford the pea protein and necessary fat from meat which are selectively incorporated in freeze-dried form. The seeds of lentils are just good enough to supply skin and coat enriching Vitamin-E component.
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Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dog Food, snacks 14 oz Bag With Hot Spot Pet Food Bowl- Made in USA

Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried Dog Food,Snacks 14-OZ Bag With Hot Spot Pet Food Bowl - Made in USA (Chicken Flavor)

This food product is a perfect choice for dogs with food sensitivities. Each 90% or more, organ, meat and bone protein content is a grass-fed, catch-free, wild-loose diet accessible to your pet in the ambience of an all-natural packaged dog food product. This snack food product is a definitive grain-free natural organic sourced nutritional stocked diet formula which is highly packed with protein, with increased amount of high quality animal proteins to deliver a savory taste with non-GMO sourced ingredients and minerals. an original taste of diet protein and essential magnesium salts among other mineral salts which keeps a healthy dog.

One thing to consider while picking this product for your dog is a watch on the level of allowance of minerals for your pet which may present with the need for a boost in the mineral content of the diet. The guaranteed analysis reveals a protein level of 48.0%, 28.0% crude fat, crude fibre with a maximum level of 4.0% which depicts a pound-full of enough required restoration and cell building value for in any case an injured pet.  Each purchase of dog food product comes with 1 hotspot portable pet travel bowl so you can take the food on the go. There is enough of glycoprotein e.g. glucosamine to protect joints and prevent inflammations, especially in the hip region. Adequate body exercise from training your pet enhances the build-up of this nutrient in your pet and allows a strongly developed joint and reflex muscles for alertness in terms of alacritous conditions.

This snack dog food product is easy to go around with and your dog can be fed time to time on a basic daily diet of this food product. If you’re planning to travel along with your pet for a short while, to another location, this food product offers the best for you. Snack food product can also be mixed or propagated for feeding by mixing with other Stella and Chewy’s dog food products. A semi-solid and textured mixture is gotten from a mixture with snacks kibble size reduced to a barest minimum, even with sufficient amount of water to make a much liquid mix. There is an ample flavor choice over chicken, dandy lamb, or duck goose flavors. So as to make a suitable dinner that does not crumble, stir dog food preferably with any natural edible cholesterol-free fish oil product. A fresh water serving for dog after mealtime may also be preferable. All you need to do is add water to rehydrate the product, stir and feed.
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Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Stella’s Solutions Dog Food Toppers

Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Stella's Solutions Dog Food Toppers

To boost the immune system of your pet who has low resistance to microbial infection, even under proper hygienic conditions, this dog food product serves best. Each of the four unique recipes offer complete and balanced meals that provides an extra boost to help proactively support pet’s health. This immune support targets the points of weaknesses such as joints, hip especially, digestive, skin and coat issues and keep your pet healthy and thriving. It contains zero-added hormone, contratry to the opinion that most immune boosters are of the corticoid groups, essentially, hormone supplying derivative. Complete and balanced nutrition is enhanced with probiotics to aid in healthy digestion, particularly if dog feeds on vegetables.

The dog food product is served as is for meal or rehydrated by adding cool or warm water. If dog does not drink water regularly at meantime, adding a ½ cup of water per 1 cup of food is suitable enough. A dog who likes a dry meal can be served the food product as is and always provide sufficient fresh water at mealtime. Composite ingredients include; beef, kidney, beef liver, coconut flour, pumpkin, flaxseed, egg-yolk, papaya, dandelion greens, fenugreek seeds, lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, among many others with protein, vitamin ( e.g. niacin supplement, vit. B12 supplement, folic acid, pyridoxine HCL) and organic preservative assortment. This assorted nutritional values ensures a holistic health condition for your pet.

This food product also helps your pet to add weight and increase in size, preferably for the small dog breeds and pups. The lamb meal derived from this product provides beneficial skin and coat nurturing care for a lasting protective coat with enough moisture and supple property that precludes a toughened one and a waxy protection in cold conditions. A finely built waxy-coat enables your pet to conserve body temperature in extreme weather conditions.
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Stella & Chewy’s Lamb Dog Food Dinner, 30-ounce

Stella & Chewy’s Lamb Dog Food Dinner, 30-ounce

This food product has provided a formula mix of dry ingredients in a ready-to-mix crafted batch with no colorings, preservatives or other artificial ingredients. It is a cereal grain-free product of a healthy natural taste feel for your pet. With kibbles of small bake-size that dissolves into a munch size for your dog. It contains an all-natural premium ingredient so that you know it’s the right choice for your pet who won’t just get enough from a one-off flavored diet.

Available in this formula are some of the refined essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid components but less utilizable and non-metabolic lipids with fatty acid components that takes longer time for ATPation in the glycolytic and tricyclic acid cycle providing a repository store of energy which might not add up ultimately are specifically screened out to avoid metabolic function collapse and retarded growth in pups.

This product entails an essential nutritional value for your dog. It has average nutritional value of essential proteins, dietary fat which is narrowed to a required guideline daily allowance for any size or weight of your dog and average ethic in the metabolism of a healthy dog breed. It is wholly natural grain-free as gluten derived from grains is indigestible in dogs gut wall and may cause irritation of the bowel.

The Stella and Chewy’s dog food products are all manufactured with the best level of hygiene and stand approval to the FDA guidelines and you can as well be sure they meet the AAFCO dog food nutrient profile for all stages and diet regimes, including growth of large size dogs.

Stella and Chewy’s dog food products do have an impressive user friendly and easy to use site and a customer care line you can always reach out to if you have any inquiry or complaint as regards the use of any of the dog food products.

The most splendid thing about the product to cap it all is that it affords a chance to watch and measure the stable growth of your small puppies and large sized dogs.
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Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties Dog Food

Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties

This is a product item from the super manufacturer with freeze-dried raw organic dinner patties, egg albumin rich and cooked for a balanced meal maintaining all the nutrients that are so important to your pup. The essential nutrients are all graded in the proportion required to give your dog, even an adult breed adequate allowance in every meal taken. It is gluten-free and this precludes the liability to irritation from digestion and unamenable excretion of waste products.

Toxic oxidants like free radicals in the body from excessive tasking of the body electrolyte balance is corrected by present antioxidants which provide their second-to-none effectiveness in mopping off free-radicals which lead to a number of adverse physiological conditions. Beef is a good source of protein and fat with average combustible allowance to provide a restriction to possible excessiveness from every little diet of the natural food product.
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Buyer’s Guide

When it is time to buy off a food product for your pet from a shelf, you may want to consider specific information as clues to guide you in selecting the best and suitable product for the breed of your dog, out of the fat lot of choices available. It is advisable to follow a designated diet and pattern, on a peculiar brand and product, to maintain a gradable and consistent growth and health benefits to your dog, following a proper regime as detailed in the product review guide. Below are an irregularly itemized details for a clue in making a choice.

Manufacturer’s identity

The standard of products has to be the first of all to be considered while buying any dog food product for your pet. There is a variety of manufacturers who engage in the serial production of dog food formula products; perhaps, only a few are licensed under the drug/food act of the regulatory bodies, FDA and AAFCO. This mind of the quality and standard keeps you safe from the scourge of food counterfeiting, sub-standard lot and poisoning from an inadvertent production error.

Having checked through the various the components of each dog food product and what each has in store to offer your pet, you will need an extra care of attention for the details of product’s expiry date, the support advice regarding the preparing of your dog’s meal using a recommended regime, storage conditions, in order to maintain an optimum outcome as prepared to serve the need of your dog. Some manufacturers include the necessary daily guideline allowance on the nutritional value for each dog food product; this serves as a monitor in work, hands-on, with the prescreened details of your dog’s size and body mass. Just be sure of the brand you are buying for your pet with the nutritional values that entails.


When buying a dog food product for your pet, you might already have a stock of a natural bulker/filler like some non-grain food powder; vet the dog food product you are buying. Necessarily, your pet doesn’t have to stay on a whole meal of the dog food product alone, a bulker/filler is a representative agent to increase the meal size and get your dog satisfied and as well derive the essential nutrients.

Check for the compatibility of the ingredients of the dog food product you are buying with the filler’s make-up. There are times when there appears to be a sort of contraindication of the agents of the filler and any of the ingredients in the dog food product you are buying. It may however be that the level of significance of the unfavorable interaction among the ingredients is passable, you have a green light in selecting the dog food product in this wise.


You’ll need a proper feeding plan and budget for your dog so as to maintain a lasting diet regime. While buying a dog food product, check your pocket and how you can afford the particular product over a feeding period, for your pet. Dogs don’t admire the fancy of a diet change, especially when they are used to a diet already, the swopping of an ordinary food content bestirs some pet and on the other end, irritates others. It is not advisable to navigate meals by changing food product due to unstable finances. Stay on a food product for a durable length of time. You may consider a mix from the start, of the costly/high-grade product with a premium-price one to stay in economy.

Nutritional value

Information provided on the nutritional health benefits of a dog food product tailors your needs to a specific product with the concentrate of the essential nutrient and mineral items your dog breed needs. A grower food product may conversely be suitable well enough for the small breed and puppies whose increased size/weight is desired by the pet owner. Therefore, while looking out for a cost-effective nutritional product, check for the major and minor nutritional allowance for each product and select as appropriate for your pet’s breed.

Preservatives, colors, and other additives

Some E-numbered additives are synthetically derived or of semi-synthetic origin. Exposure of dogs to a high dose of these constituents in dog food products makes most pet liable to allergic and other aberrant physiological responses not desired for them As previously mentioned, most healthy dogs don’t mind small allowances of preservatives, flavors, color; some sensitive canines do. However, most of these additives help to preserve the quality of ingredients put together in a formula, over a length of useable period of time and provide a fit-to-time nutrition to cater for your dog’s need.


A bulker increases the size of your pet’s meal. You should try to ensure that the food product you are selecting for your pet has a composite ingredient with a reproducible and escapable material, so as to serve as the bulking agent when mixing food product to suit the quantity for a derived satisfaction for your pet who will always want more. Also, there are unique bulker products available for sale, however, you might have to watch out for the compatibility with your choice dog food product if there be, in any way any form of interaction with any natural or synthetic ingredient present in the food product. In the body system, irritation might occur from irritant metabolic derivative if care of food-bulker combo is not well taken care off. Most of the times, all natural dog food products are incompatible with gluten-laden grain powders serving as bulkers.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much do I feed my pet?

Master your dog’s feeding habit over a screening period and make a decision on how well he/she feeds. This gives balance for a jurisdiction on how much and how often you serve your pet. Some dogs have this tendency to feed on large amount at a specific period of the daily diet routine and little on some other days.

Do I stop my dog from gulping his food?

It is not a preferable habit of feeding for a dog to gulp his/her food. You can tailor the kibble size to a munch and control the size of each bolus/morsel using a restricted food plate/container with a bit of dip serving outlet.

How do I take care of irritation or upset from a dog food product?

In cases where there is a perpetual transient upset or irritation from feeding your pet with a particular dog food product, you might want to call the attention of a vet specialist or check for adequate information online, on every little detail about the make-up of the food product and likely cause of skin, coat, and systemic irritation caused to your dog.


You, as a pet owner or a prospective one should go with a guide on how to derive the satisfaction needed for the growth and wellness of your pet and I believe this Stella and chewys reviews. Every paradigm shift in diet has cost a lot of pet owners even the loss of their dearly pets who could not have been saved from the drastic adversity from bad diet and corrupt nutrition. Save up enough to finance a quality and adequate diet, count on every meal delivered to your dog. Stella and Chewys dog food product has available products outlet online and stores to provide with deserving dog food products each with specific benefits for your dog.