Sportmix Dog Food Reviews

When it comes to getting the best meal for your dog which just not taste great but has a high nutritional value, every dog owner surely want to do it right. They all want a healthy look, happy dog that catches the attention of every dog owner and other dogs likewise looking at it with the “I wish this is mine” eyes. One sure way of achieving this is feeding your dog right, right in nutrient that are perfect for the stage of development your dog is and right in taste that encourage compliance to eating.This sportmix dog food reviews contains five amazing dog food from SPORTMIX that are perfect for your dog, each food are tailored for specific dog developmental stage and with varying taste giving you a wide range of product you can choose from. This is the ultimate guide and considering SPORTYMIX long track record in pleasing customers, you definitely do not need to check other reviews out.

Top 5 Sportmix Dog Food Reviews

SPORTMiX Wholesome Fish Meal and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

PORTMiX Wholesome Fish Meal and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

This food is specially formulated for dog that require high energy from a mono source for it activity, it is highly rich in protein to help build the tissues in the dog’s body. It is totally from common grains like corn, wheat or soybeans which are low quality filler and that can irritate the stomach of some sensitive dog. It contains menhaden fish which is exotic and which is the principal source of animal protein in the meal lowering the chances of the occurrence of an allergy reaction.

It contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are essential for your dog skin making it healthier and makes the coat shiner. It is a nutritionally balanced meal that contains all the nutrition required by your dog for a healthy lifestyle. It is naturally preserved and is free from artificial additive that are controversial in that they are linked to causing cancer, it natural fiber and vegetable content aids easy digestion of the food. It meets the requirement set by the AAFCO which are meant to set a standard for the nutritional content of pet foods.

It is a meal fortified with vitamins and mineral such as vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin A to mention a few. You can always check for the nutritional value of the food at the back of the pack and you can always reach out to their ever responsive and friendly customer service if you have any question or complainant.

It is a dry food and contains more ingredients per weight as compared to wet food which are mostly moisture and also has a longer shelf life as compared to wet food, dry food however, are less tasty and enticing to dogs than wet foods. Be cautious about where your get this product from and be careful you don’t buy the adulterated product; to avoid this, make sure you always get this product from reputable stores around you. Remember to check for the expiry date and ensure the product hasn’t degraded or the can pierced.

Sportmix Bite Size Dry Dog Food

Sportmix Bite Size Dry Dog Food

This great product is suitable for your adult dog, it is a nice choice to get your very picky dog, it is the delight of every dog and by extension every dog owner and both easy to get and not expensive. It easily chewed small kibble and comes with a nice taste which makes it easy to comply with.

It is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid which help in formation of an healthy skin and a shiny coat, it is also perfect for your active dog which requires more calorie intake to meet up with it energy needs, it contains nutrient that helps build a healthier skin and a stronger bone. It is a nutritionally balanced meal that contains the right ingredient for your dog nutritionally providing them with nutrient they require for their busy lifestyle, this product is fortified with vitamins and mineral which helps to boost the health of the dog, containing a good percentage of calcium which build a stronger and denser bone and teeth.

This meal can be given alone or mixed with other meal serving as a topper and because it is a dry dog meal, it contains higher amount of nutrient than wet food as it can be densely packed, it also has an advantage of being easily transportable and can be packed easily than the wet food, it does not come out all messy. It can be fed dry or moistened with milk or water either ways your dog will consumes it to the last molecule.

The product is totally free from artificial additive such as flavourant, colourant and preservative giving you an all-natural dog food that is made from the strictest adherence to manufacturing practice and are produced with the highest level of hygiene.  While shopping, check for the expiry date to avoid feeding your dog expired food.

Sportmix Puppy Small Bites Dry Puppy Food, 33 Lb

Sportmix Puppy Small Bites Dry Puppy Food, 33 Lb

This is a non-messy dog food that is convenient to use and can be gotten from most stores around, it is a dry food and are easily transported. It is specifically tailored for puppy which require nutrient for it growth and development, containing calcium that helps build a stronger and healthier bone and teeth and are excellent in protein content to aids the development of a stronger muscle during this important stage in it life.

It is a nutritionally balanced meal and also can be given to pregnant and healthy dogs, it great taste makes it the number one choice for puppy who are always excited when it comes to feeding, it contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which promote the formation of a healthier and glossy coat and skin. It is easily digestible especially considering the tender gut for the puppy; the meal is naturally preserved and is free from all forms of additives in form of color flavor and preservative.

The food can be given alone to your adorable puppy or can be mixed with other meal. The food contains ingredients  in the right proportion as stated by the AAFCO guideline which are given so dog food maker can meet up to the right value. It comes in a nice and lovely pack and is very easy to use and being a dry food it is easier to transported and contains more nutrition per weight compared to wet foods which are majorly moisture

Be cautious about where your get this product from and be careful you don’t buy the adulterated product; to avoid this, make sure you always get this product from reputable stores around you. Remember to check for the expiry date and ensure the product hasn’t degraded or the can pierced. Should in case you have further question do reach out to their amazing customer care service who are always ready to attend to your inquiry or complaint.

Sportmix Caninex Beef Meal And Vegetables Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Sportmix Caninex Beef Meal And Vegetables Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This is yet another amazing product from SPORTMIX by that is tailored to provide the strength needed by your dog to carry out it daily activity,it provides for the nutrient required by for a healthy mental health too,it is a nutritionally balanced meal that contains all your dog will require to live a healthy lifestyle,it contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which help in the formation of an healthy skin and a glossy coat making giving your dog an overall healthy look. It can be mixed with other food serving as a topper and you can as well serve it as a main food, either ways it is a nice choice when it comes to nutritional value and having a great is a 100% balanced diet with every class of food your dog needs to grow and glow present.

It contains a significant amount of protein largely from a real beef which is a source of animal protein, it content is easy to chew and digested, it comes in a handy pack which makes it easy to carry and easy to use. It has a nice content of vitamins and supplement that meets your dog micro nutrient body need.

This product should be handled with caution and stored right; it is best stored in a freezer. It is a semi wet meal so it combines the wet meal taste advantage and a dry ability to accommodate more content advantages.

Again, always buy from a reputable store and check for the expiry date to ensure your goods is still in its best state and that it is still fresh, check if the cab has been pierced too to avoid buying contaminated food. The best way to store your dog food while maintaining it freshness is to freeze.

Sportmix High Energy Adult Mini Chunk Dry Dog Food

Sportmix High Energy Adult Mini Chunk Dry Dog Food

This is a perfect food if you’re looking for a dog food that is rich in energy content and provides the best nutrition especially dog that require higher protein and fat content,it will cater for your dog physical activity and even for it mental activity,it is a easily chewed kibble that is perfect for every dog, it is easily digestible and it fiber and vegetables content makes digestion even easier. It contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which helps build a healthier skin and a shiny and glossy skin.

When it comes to blending great taste and right nutrition into a product perfectly, no other brand does it better than SPORMIX. This product is made specifically for two purpose dog pleasing and dog owner satisfaction and so far SPORTMIX have been doing this so well that it has earned the trust of dog owners.

It is 100% balanced meal with all the nutrient your dog requires,it is perfect nutrition for your dog, it contains protein from both plant and animal source. It is perfect for a main meal, a topper or as a main meal.

It easily chewed content comprise of tender meat for your adult dog, so you do not have to worry about mouth injuries caused by hard to chew meats. It is perfect for your adult dog and it is fortified with vitamins and minerals for the overall health of the dog.

While switching to this meal, gradually incorporate it to the formal meal and increase the ratio of purina every 3 or 4 days and always make water available while feeding your dog. The feeding pattern vary with the dog age, breed or size and activity of the dog, a highly active dog burns more calories and consumes more energy and as such will require higher amount of calories.

You should love your dog enough to buy and feed it this amazing product which comes in a nice pack, is easy to use , enjoyable and pocket friendly.


The goal of every buyer is to purchase an item that is worth the money and of great quality and maybe of good quantity too. There are certain factor buyers must consider while shopping for the best meal they can give their dog, these factors are very important and it will do the buyer a great deal and prevent wastage for example getting a food with a bad taste in which the dog refuses to eat or prevent an health hazard for example say the food is nutritionally imbalance and probably infected.The main factor you should consider while buying and the reason why you should, will be carefully listed and explain in this sportmix dog food review below. Do well to follow through this and be sure it will aid your decision greatly, making you getting nothing but the best for your dog. Reputable brands like SPORTMIX have considered the entire factor while making their amazing product which greatly simplifies your decision.

1. Nutritional Content

One of the aims of feeding is to obtain the right nutrition which will supply all the system it bodily needs while doing so. Agency like AAFCO which are a non-profit organization have carefully studied are have given nutritional guidelines to all pet food manufacturer which serves as the limit of nutrient the food must contain, while some brands like SPORTYMIX exceeds this limit which really are just a guideline giving you more value for your money and your dog more nutrient filled meal. Nutritional need of your dog may vary with the activity ( demanding more energy filled meal), stages of growth which dictate the presence or absence of certain ingredient in the formulation, the sex as female may require some type of nutrient than male and nursing dog requires certain nutrient other dog don’t.The dog food should have been high in animal protein, contain micronutrients like vitamins and mineral which can save you the cost of having to buy these nutrients as adding them as a supplement.The nutritional value of a dog food can be seen at the back of the dog food pack under which is the AAFCO guidelines for nutrition so you can always check for the nutritional value before buying.

2. Low Qualityfiller

Fillers are added to dog food meal to increase the mass of the food, usually most filler are plant source and are cheaper to obtain than animal source, some filler may contain corn grain that are low quality in that it is cheap and has less nutritional value but cheap brand usually contain this as they spend less which means a cheaper product. Corn filler can be a source of allergy to dog that are intolerant to grain and gluten which can cause skin irritation and gastrointestinal tract of your dog. Fillers are entirely bad as they can be a good source of added calorie which can be useful to a dog that consumes a lot of energy say an over active dog. Brands like SPORTYMIX do not contain low quality filler and are free from maize grain.

3. Cost

The monetary value of goods is one thing buyer will definitely want to consider while shopping for the best food from arrays of options available to them. The cost of a goods can be linked to the price as more is spent into it manufacturing, this is not always true as some company have greatly mastered the production technology and are more effective in production than others thus, less are actually spent into it production. Having a high price does not equal to being of good quality as other factors can affect the price such as let’s say lack of raw material  by one company, demand and supply can also affect dog food price, governmental trade war or conflict can also affect the price especially if the goods is coming from another state.

Some products are classified as premium which are relatively more expensive than the budget product which are lesser in terms of price and may contain less quality ingredient than the premium product which are fortified with more than enough nutrient for your dog.

4. Presence Of Artificial Additives

The presence or absence of artificial additive is a factor you may want to consider if you care about the overall health of your dog and not just to have it stomach filled, some artificial additive are not bad for your dog as they can impact colorful perception to the food which makes it more appealing to the buyer and example is caramel red which is an artificial color which only appeal to the human buyer and not the dog as they hardly care about the color of their food. Artificial flavor can improve the smell and taste of the food. The bad side of using an artificial addictive is that some of them have been linked to causing cancer. So if your dog is that oversensitive you should avoids foods that have artificial addictive and get an all-natural dog food instead which color and flavor are all natural.

Taste and flavor

This factor affects how well your dog will enjoy it food which means how well it will comply with eating; no dog will love to eat a food that tastes badly. If you desire to see your dog happy you should go for a food that has a good taste. Food taste varies depending on the ingredient used; the flavor can be chicken, turkey, salmon, duck, beef flavor which gives your dog amazing taste it can choose from. The flavors are also source of animal protein.

Wet foods are generally preferred by dogs to dry foods as they have a better and more enticing aroma and taste. Dogs are more compliant to a good tasting food than a poor one – you can’t blame them really. Dog feed on less variety than it human owner and the little they feed on should at least taste great and they should be happy feeding on them

Product shelf life

Perhaps, you may want to consider this especially if you plan retaining this product for quite some time. Wet food has a shorter shelf life than dry food. The closeness of the expiry date to when they are brought should also be considered and make sure you get a product with a longer shelf life if you do not intend using the product immediately so the freshness can be retained for long.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hi, how often am I required to feed my puppy?

Puppy which are in their growing stage are recommended to be fed three times a day from weaning to 4 month of age.

How best can I introduce a new diet to my dog? 

The best approach is to introducing a new diet is to start gradually, you can start by incorporating about 25% of the new diet with 75% of the usual diet then after four days you slowly increase the new diet ratio.

Is it possible my dog gets bored of the same food?

Well, unlike man, dogs are not bored by the food they eat and can continue the same meal for long. in fact constant  change in their diet can cause digestive disturbance to your dog.

Is it right if I add moisture to the dry food?

Yes, it is perfectly fine; moisture doesn’t change the nutritional value just that it has to be consumed almost immediately.

Can my dog eat my cat’s food?

No, it is not right. Dog and cat are different anatomically and require different nutritional requirement.

What quantity of food should I give my dog?

This depends on your dog’s age, size and physical activity. You can always follow the feeding guidelines. The guild lines shows the recommended amount of food to feed your pet.

Do I need to add vitamins and supplements to my dog food?

You certainly need not as the products are well balanced nutritionally and adding supplement can upset the balance.

How many biscuits can I feed my dog?

Feeding your dog two to four biscuit per cup of food, do note that biscuit contains calories and so you might need to reduce the amount of food you feed.

Is AAFCO a government organizations?

AAFCO is non profitable organizations that means the association of American feed control official and they help set standard for animal feed in the US.

Where in a review is the AAFCO nutrient profile?

This can be seen Just below the reach recipe in a review and is usually in bracket.

What does growth and reproduction mean?

Dog foods rated for “growth and reproduction” are designed for puppies and pregnant or lactating females.

Is it possible for an high protein diet to cause kidney problems in older dogs?

There’s varying school of thought concerning this, recent discovery however, have proved that a high protein food does not cause kidney damage but that with low protein can be unhealthy for your dog.

Is there any way I can get dog food recall alerts sent to me?

Well, some dedicated agency readily send recall alert to all it subscriber to keep you updated about the recall news.

How can I report a food brand to FDA?

You can always reach out to FDA through their every responsive customer care service and report a food you suspect of being defective.


SPORTMIX is one of the most reputable dog food producers, with decade of satisfying customer by making dogs more healthy and happy dog with product that meets the nutritional needs of your dog no matter their size, age or physical activity. A dog feed with SPORTMIX is a happy one and one who looks healthy and the envy of other dog owners and dogs alike. A good dog food should have nice taste and is nutritionally balanced and should come with a reasonable price.It products are easily chewed and digestible and contain a high content of energy that is perfect for your over active dog daily needs. Let your dog know you love and care about it by getting it this very tasty and nutritious food.