Sojos Dog Food Reviews

In making a choice of food product for your pet, you have two things to mind; the quality and satisfaction derived plus the cost-effectiveness that follows. In this Sojos dog food reviews, you will see that Sojos has the basic needs of pet owners attended to by providing dog food formula that caters for every breed of dog with the worth of the cost derived in the nourishment and value added to the welfare of your pet. Sojos has been in the dog food production business for a couple of years and has obtained recommendations by vast population of pet owners, significantly over the years. This is due to the effectiveness in customer wants and relation studies that has help in giving regards to every trivial complaint about each dog food product turned out and the attendant modification to make each product better and super-fine to the taste of your dog’s savor.

Top 5 Sojos Dog Food Reviews

 Sojos Mix-A-Meal Pre-Mix Natural Dehydrated Dog Food

Sojos Mix-A-Meal Pre-Mix Natural Dehydrated Dog Food

Sojos dog food has this dog food product specially packaged for a rapid growth of dogs with all-round growth requirement. As a pet owner, you might decide to have your dog stay on healthy gluten-less fruity meal; sweet potatoes, carrots, cranberries just to suit the taste of your dog. The raw or cooked Sojos protein diet of desired choice is soaked and served to serve the wet smooth yummy taste that your pet desires.

The dehydrated dog food product has been prepared by Sojos to preserve the life of hydrolysable nutrients which after a 15 minutes soak, unlocks the full flavor and in nutrition to watch your dog dive into it. It also provides enough derivable calories from the sweet potato source of carbohydrate. But the Carob powder chief dry ingredient adds more calorie value upon hydrolysis after soaking. This gives this particular Sojos dog food product a higher tax on energy exertion on your pet than every other product.

Dried basil and parsley leaf components are also of vegetable diet nutrition that clears the metabolic system of dross of other junk materials that your dog might feed on. They provide essential nourishment fot the skin as well. The kibble size may vary as the powder content and other granulated ingredients come in a non-homogeneous grain size and may need to be properly mixed in the product pack to ensure a mixed distribution.

No soy, filler, artificial colors and preservatives, just need to add water for soaking and meat. The crude fat level of any meat, preferably turkey or chicken has to be watched. However, the dog food product has a minimal crude fat level that does not promote an alarming one. When using a liquid to mix this dehydrated product, the liquid from a boiled meat can be a suitable choice as well instead of water.
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Sojo’s Original Ready-To-Mix Dog Food 2.5 pounds

Sojo's Original Ready-To-Mix Dog Food 2.5 pounds

Sojos dog food product has provided a formula mix of dry ingredients in a ready-to-mix crafted batch with no colorings, preservatives or other artificial ingredients. It is a cereal grain-free product of a healthy natural taste feel for your pet. With kibbles of small bake-size that dissolves into a munch size for your dog. It contains an all-natural premium ingredient so that you know it’s the right choice for your pet who won’t just get enough from a one-way flavored diet. It is a meal that your pet loves, just when you add water for a mix and the meat your pet loves. Rolled oats, rye flakes, barley flakes, carrot flakes and other blended nutritional adjuvants. Tricalcium phosphate to provide an healthy teeth and bone nourishment that your dog requires.

This dog food product serves well for both adult and small dogs. This food product is a definitive grain-free ocean sourced nutritional stocked diet formula which is highly packed with protein, with increased amount of high quality animal proteins to deliver a savory taste with non-GMO sourced ingredients and minerals. an original taste of diet protein and essential magnesium salts among other mineral salts which keeps a healthy dog. One thing to consider while picking this product for your dog is a watch on the level of allowance of minerals for your pet which may present with the need for a boost in the mineral content of the diet.
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Sojos Complete Raw Made Easy Freeze-Dried, 7-Pound Bag Dog Food Lamb Recipe (1)

Sojos Complete Raw Made Easy Freeze-Dried, 7-Pound Bag Dog Food Lamb Recipe (1)

As the name of the dog food product implies, this product affords a fresh free-dried lamb yummy taste to pets. It is suitable for all stages of pet; senior, adult and puppy. It is one of the meticulously formulated Sojos formula with a food regulatory quality and safety standard. No artificial preservative and coloring, affording a safety from irritation and ingredients chemical interactions which might cause flatulent and purging effects. All you need is to add water for a wet mix to serve your pet a befitting taste and with a diced meat that your pet loves for a complete meal.

The kibbles are such that they are size-baked and suits the soaking picky derivate. Sojos dog food has this dog food product specially packaged for a rapid growth of dogs with all-round growth requirement. As a pet owner, you might decide to have your dog stay on a diet of freshly prepared blended animal fleshy meal just to suit the taste of your dog but the level of sanitation and germ-free property of animal food products has to be guaranteed.

These vitamins and nutritional elements are a vital part of a healthy constitution for the lifestyle of your dog with utility ranging from a special mental acuity for dog training to a cognitive wellness with muscular tone. You don’t want to get your dog into an extra pressure from under-perfusion with oxygen following a sclerotic attack from cholesterol deposition and blockade of blood vessel. This dog food product is of best use to pet owners who discover their dogs taking extra breath than normal or with extrasensory chest beats and palpitations from menial jumps and when dogs careen around.
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Sojos Wild Natural Freeze-Dried Raw & Dehydrated High Protein Dog Food

Sojos Wild Natural Freeze-Dried Raw & Dehydrated High Protein Dog Food

This product is a new formulation assortment of freeze-dried salmon, whole egg and cranberries, carrot, green peas among others. This Sojos new formula is ingrained with their naturally preserved and refined flavors which is just yummy for your dog meal.  It has a natural product nutrition value for your dog. It has average nutritional value of essential proteins, dietary fat which is narrowed to a required guideline daily allowance for any size or weight of your dog.

The ginger root inclusive has an antioxidant health value to prevent the growth of tumor in side-effects that may culminate in metastasis in your dog. Tricalcium phosphate, dried kelp has advantageous value in the preservation and keeping of the nutritional ingredient per pound of this product to suit the consumption intended ethic in the metabolism of a healthy dog breed. It is wholly natural grain-free as gluten derived from grains is indigestible in dogs gut wall and may cause irritation of the bowel.

All Sojos products are all manufactured with the best level of hygiene and stand approval to the FDA guidelines and you can as well be sure they meet the AAFCO dog food nutrient profile for all stages and diet regimes, including growth of large size dogs.

Sojos dog food products do have an impressive user friendly and easy to use site and a customer care line you can always reach out to if you have any inquiry or complaint as regards the use of any of the dog food products.

The most splendid thing about the product to cap it all is that it affords a chance to watch and measure the stable growth of your small puppies and large sized dogs with all of it monitored by the care in the.
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Sojos Complete Natural Freeze-Dried Natural Raw & Dehydrated Grain-Free Dog Food

Sojos Complete Natural Freeze-Dried Natural Raw & Dehydrated Grain-Free Dog Food

 This style of dog food is a formula, all-natural and comes with a major turkey flavor. The essence of the sweet potato content is the carbohydrate store of energy that supplies daily quantifiable level of calories to an adult pet breed. Flax seeds are common with a nutritional identity of vitamin E that prevents ulcerative effect from any gastric acid irritation to yet pet and affords prevention from tumor growth.

Pumpkin is a good source of dietary vegetable fat which nutures your pet skin and prevents coat rashes and crusting. These vitamins and nutritional elements are a vital part of a healthy constitution for the lifestyle of your dog with utility ranging from a special mental acuity for dog training to a cognitive wellness with muscular balance. A whole lot of other products outside Sojos dog food available formulas have none of the refined essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty components but less utilizable and non-metabolic lipids with fatty acid components that takes longer time for ATPation in the glycolytic and tricyclic acid cylcles providing a repository store of energy which might not add up ultimately.
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Upon the appreciation of nutritional and nourishment value guideline information on each of the itemized food product in this Sojos dog food reviews, as a buyer, you would have to consider certain factors while picking a dog food product from the list of all which is suitable for you, considering your pet’s breed and economic value. Basic information that is required to make a right choice for your pet are under-listed and each guide has been tailored to the advantage of every breed of dog, the economy conservation for feeding your pet and nutritional benefits that you desire to derive therefrom.

Manufacturer identity

Having checked through the various the components of each dog food product and what each has in store to offer your pet, you will need an extra care of attention for the details of product’s expiry date, the support advice regarding the preparing of your dog’s meal using a recommended regime, storage conditions, in order to maintain an optimum outcome as prepared to serve the need of your dog. Some manufacturers include the necessary daily guideline allowance on the nutritional value for each dog food product; this can work hands-on with the prescreened details of your dog’s size and body mass. Just be sure that you regard this info and stop overloading or under-loading your pet with the nutritional values.


When buying a dog food product for your pet, you might already have a stock of a natural bulker/filler like some non-grain food powder; vet the dog food product you are buying. Necessarily, your pet doesn’t have to stay on a whole meal of the dog food product alone, a bulker/filler is a representative agent to increase the meal size and get your dog satisfied and as well derive the essential nutrients. Check for the compatibility of the ingredients of the dog food product you are buying with the filler’s make-up. There are times when there appears to be a sort of contraindication of the agents of the filler and any of the ingredients in the dog food product you are buying. It may however be that the level of significance of the unfavorable interaction among the ingredients is passable, you have a green light in selecting the dog food product in this wise.


While buying a dog food product, check your pocket and how you can afford the particular product over a feeding period, for your pet. It is not advisable to navigate meals by changing food product every now and then due to unstable finances. You might consider buying a stock of the particular food product and the filler that can last over a feeding length of time, so as to maintain a uniform growth and reaction from diet. As a pet owner who has to watch his/her pet growth discriminately, you may prefer one of the expensive food products; in some cases, to start with, and later a cheaper continuous topper food product with builds on the starter. Not all expensive dog foods are great, not all the cheap ones are lower in quality. Canine nutrition with hints on animal protein allowance, healthy omega fats and some complex carbohydrate are the basics to be ensured and not break a budget in the dieting process.

Nutritional information

Just as each of the dog food products available in Sojos dog food products is with the proper list of ingredients. As a pet owner, you need a scrutiny on information, to the last detail on the ingredients for any food product you intend to feed your pet with. Not every brand gives the list of all the included ingredients. Some claim to keep a protection from any compromise from buyers who are ready to fill in with an extemporaneous formula if they run out of their packaged dog food product which may not turn a good business for sales.

However, it is not effective enough to merge a synthetic food material altogether with a fresh organic all-natural food product. That is why you should rather go for an all-natural food product because most synthetic ones make pet owners incur regrets from pet’s allergic responses and irritation from some sample of synthetic material ingredient.  If the essence of you pet’s nutrition matters to you as a pet owner, every bit of ingredient, in every dog food product and their proportion matters.

Any artificial additives?

As previously mentioned, most healthy dogs don’t mind small allowances of preservatives, flavors, color; some sensitive canines do and the result comes with food allergies, skin irritation with crusting skin shading and paw swellings. Dog food products available on this review list, dry and wet, have been carefully formulated with organic preservatives, natural flavors and grain-free composite diet to prevent cases of allergies and irritations which occur in five out of ten pets fed with packaged food products of various brand names.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What quantity do I feed my pet?

Take time to watch your dog’s feeding habit. Some have this ability to feed on large amount at a specific period of the daily diet routine and little on some other time. A careful ration has to be done to suit his/her need. Some dry food products have less vitamin supplements and mineral constituents as opposed to some wet canned analogues which can have high vitamin exertion in cases when they are given in larger than normal amount. If too little of dry food product is given, the dog will suffer from nutritional deficiencies, give too much and he/she will become overweight. Most dogs require 25 to 30 calories per pound per day to maintain weight. If a pet is full of activity, the consumption might go a few units higher to meet the daily need.

There are pet owners who consciously do a dry/wet mix to achieve the energy-nutrient balance on a daily diet basis. This amounts to a pleasurable and less addictive influence on your pet in the real sense of it.

How frequent do I feed my dog?

Some dogs are highly active and they might start to starve when their activity declines during an hour of activity in the day. No matter how much they are allowed to eat per meal, this may not add up to their dropping weight. A consistent periodic feeding will suffice for the essence of growth that you desire to have in your pet. You will need to feed your dog as early as he/she wakes in the morning, watch out for its enthusiastic behavioral activity afterwards and a six-hourly interval might just suffice for a moderately active breed. However, some breeds have reactions to their sense of hunger or need to feed more; while it is a sclerotic chromatic aberration in some, others present with a dilly-dally slouching drama especially around their owners.

Do I have to stop my dog from gulping his food?

A dog that consumes largely rather hastily are a restless dog and such has to be kept in check as it is calorie exerting and pressurizing for the organs of the pet’s body. Control filter feeding trays with obstacles can help to control the amount your dog takes in at once. Rather than spread the fat lot on an open slab/tray, get a sinking somewhat deep enough bowl with accessible tight lid that controls the quantity he gets at once.

This will get him up with a nice feeding habit and control excessive palpitation because, the way a dog eats, the way he behaves. However, do not reduce the overall amount he gets.  You can as well hand-feed your dog in chunks of the prepared food, this has more attention reward from your learning pet who is ready to pick up the habit of not gulping all at once, but the chance to have him hand-fed might not be feasible.

Do I need to select a food product peculiar to my dog breed?

Yes, most times the nutritional requirement of a small breed, or rather a puppy varies from a large breed and feeding a large breed with overtly a small breed diet is allusive to a grown man not altogether weaned from high-tyrosine levels of breast milk. The advantage is that a cross effect might be beneficial in maintaining nutritional health but a disadvantageous effect of hypervitaminosis in large mature breed might set in when large breeds are maintained on a diet of high vitamin supplement content which is meant for the small breeds largely.


The essence of this Sojos dog food reviews is to help you make a right choice from the fat list of the brand of Sojos dog food products. The relevance can not be overemphasized just as the care for your pet can not be. It is better to start early enough with a diet plan for your puppy and also maintain an all-round growth and wellness for mature breeds by staying on a brand product which is suitable for your pet.This guide should work hand in hand with any of your considerations for selecting a choicest feeding plan for your dog. Sojos dog food products has easily accessible website and online marketing platforms from which you can derive essential info and support for the care of your dog diet. Stand a choice for your pet’s today and prevent the cost for cures from bad diet every now and then.