Purina Moist And Meaty Review

purina moist and meaty review

All dog owners want nothing but the best for their wonderful pet, they want their dog to feed on foods that are as nutritious as they taste. A food that is made from the best of ingredients, free from as much artificial additives as possible, a food that is all natural and won’t cause complications to your dog when it feed on it, a food that is easily chewable and digestible and a food that will give their dog that healthy and gorgeous look they have always desired.

This purina moist and meaty review is just about that, it’s to expose you to the best product out in market you can possibly lay hands on, a product that can be eaten by dogs no matter their age, size and physical activity, a very tasty product at that with the most pocket friendly price.

Purina has been in the pet making industry for a while being both experienced and consistent with pet nutrition and customer satisfaction, here are some of their amazing product review, do follow through.

Top 7 Purina Moist And Meaty Review

1. Purina Moist & Meaty Dry Dog Food, Burger with Cheddar Cheese Flavor

Purina Moist & Meaty Dry Dog Food, Burger with Cheddar Cheese Flavor

Are you looking give your do a treat after a good work done or perhaps you are looking for a main meal which has the best taste and is highly nutritious? Well, this amazing product has just that and can be obtained from any store around you at a very reasonable price.

The 14.65 pounds of goodness is made from real beef and added cheddar cheese burger flavor which gives it an irresistible taste, it is the best thing that can happen to your dog’s taste bud and whole body generally. Every dog no matter their size or breed can feed on this amazing dog food. The meat are very tender texture and chewable and does not hurt your dog teeth or gum. It contains a crude protein value of about 18% for a proper muscle tissue and body growth and development, a crude fat content 7% to supply energy and a source of fatty acids which are important for the dog bodily function, a fiber content of 3% to aid easy digestion.

Unlike most wet food, this does not come out messy as a convenient no mess punches keeps it fresh. It contains added vitamins and supplement. While buying however, be sure that the package seal has not been removed and check for the expiry date too.

2. Purina Moist & Meaty Chopped Burger Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina Moist & Meaty Chopped Burger Adult Dry Dog Food

This great product is suitable for dog of every breed and size, it is a nice choice to get your very picky dog, it is the delight of every dog and by extension every dog owner and both easy to get and not expensive

It is a wet food and has an enticing look and smell, unlike most wet food however, this product does not come out messy as a convenient no mess punches keeps it fresh. It main ingredient is a real beef  which is a highly pretentious component, it contains soy flour which is protein too thereby increasing the protein content on the food, it contains corn syrup which increase it calories content .

It is a tender and easily chewable meal that can be easily digested even by your little puppy, it vitamins and supplement inclusion helps supply this vital micro molecule your dog’s body needs.

Purina has two history of recall which has a little stain on the company’s public image, again it contain a controversial preservative called ethoxyquin which is linked to a greater level of hepatic enzymes in the blood. All these however have been addressed by the company and are back and better into serving you better. You can reach out to their ever responsive customer service if you have any question or inquiry.

It is advisable to always keep a fresh and clean water available at all times, and make sure you store in a freezer immediately after the first use to keep it fresh and use within three or five days after opening.

3. Purina Moist & Meaty Dry Dog Food, Burger with Cheddar Cheese Flavor

Purina Moist & Meaty Dry Dog Food, Burger with Cheddar Cheese Flavor

This is a non-messy dog food that is convenient to use and can be gotten from most stores around, it amazing taste that makes it suitable as a treat, main meal or a topper.  The burger and cheddar cheese flavor makes your dog meal time a jolly one, watch as your dog becomes more healthy and happy with each meal.

It is a completely balanced meal, with all the classes of food in the right proportion as stated by the AAFCO guideline which are given so dog food maker can meet up to the right value.  It is made from real beef which is a nice source of animal protein , it is a completely natural meal and is suitable for every dog breed and size and is specially tailored for adult dog providing specifically nutrient that are required at this stage of it life.

It comes in a nice and lovely pack and is very easy to use, it content are easily chewed and digestible and does not irritate the gut of your dog ,it perfect for your over sensitive dog.

Be cautious about where your get this product from and be careful you don’t buy the adulterated product; to avoid this, make sure you always get this product from reputable stores around you. Remember to check for the expiry date and ensure the product hasn’t degraded or the can pierced. Should in case you have further question do reach out to their amazing customer care service who are always ready to attend to your inquiry or complaint.

Do you dog good by feeding it this product as a treat for a job well done, as meal or a topper and see how it will be yearning for more.

4. Purina Moist & Meaty Dog Food, Burger with Cheddar Cheese Flavor, 360- OUNCE BOX, PACK OF 1

Purina Moist & Meaty Dog Food, Burger with Cheddar Cheese Flavor

This is a great product for rewarding your dog as you can serve as a treat to tell it well done, or even mixed with other food serving as a topper and you can as well serve it as a main food, either ways it is a nice choice when it comes to nutritional value and having a great taste.it is a 100% balanced diet with every class of food your dog needs to grow and glow present

It contains a significant amount of protein largely from a real beef which is a source of animal protein, it content is easy to chew and digested, it comes in a handy pack which makes it easy to carry and easy to use. It has a nice content of vitamins and supplement that meets your dog micro nutrient body need. It 360 ounce box is a bigger pack and accommodate more goodness, due to this it can be fed to your dog for over a long period of time.

This bigger size product should be handled with caution and stored right; it is best stored in a freezer. It is a semi wet meal so it combines the wet meal taste advantage and a dry ability to accommodate more content advantages.

Again, always buy from a reputable store and check for the expiry date to ensure your goods is still in its best state and that it is still fresh, check if the cab has been pierced too to avoid buying contaminated food. The best way to store your dog food while maintaining it freshness is to freeze.

5. Purina Moist & Meaty Dog Food, Rise & Shine Awaken Bacon & Egg Flavor, 72-Ounce Box


When it comes to blending great taste and right nutrition into a product perfectly, no other brand does it better than purina. This product is made specifically for two purpose dog pleasing and dog owner satisfaction and so far purinas have been doing this so well that it has earned the trust of dog owners.

It is 100% balanced diet and is wholesome enough for your dog, the number one ingredient is meat and it is egg flavor, the 72 ounce park is perfect nutrition for your dog, it contains protein from both the egg, meat content and some plant protein. It is perfect for a main meal, a topper or a treat.

It easily chewed content comprise of tender meat for your adult dog, so you do not have to worry about mouth injuries caused by hard to chew meats.

While switching to this meal, gradually incorporate it to the formal meal and increase the ratio of purina every 3 or 4 days and always make water available while feeding your dog. The feeding pattern vary with the dog age, breed or size and activity of the dog, a highly active dog burns more calories and consumes more energy and as such will require higher amount of calories.

You should love your dog enough to buy and feed it this amazing product which comes in a nice pack, is easy to use , enjoyable and pocket friendly.

6. Purina Moist & Meaty Wet Dog Food; Steak Flavor

Purina Moist & Meaty Wet Dog Food; Steak Flavor

Purina moist and meaty dog food is the perfect choice if you are looking to please you dog with a sumptuous meal to say thank you or well done, can also be mixed with other meal to serve as a topper, it of course can be used as a main source of meal. It contains a balanced amount of nutrients that are needed for muscle tissue growth and development, for energy, for vitamins, mineral and supplement supply.

It easily chewable and very tasty flavor makes it a top choice for dogs, who always want to devour every meal of purina to the last molecule. Apart from having a great taste it is a very healthy food choice proving the dog with protein for the body tissue development, carbohydrate and a calorie rich content to provide energy to run activities, a healthy fat content for energy.

It is simple to use and easy to carry and it is not messy as most wet foods. When shopping for the product, make sure that the seal is still intact and the product is still in a very good condition, the best way to store this food is through freezing which helps to retain the freshness of the food.

7. Purina Moist and Meaty Dog Food Burger Total 60 Count of 6 Ounce Pouches

Purina Moist and Meaty Dog Food Burger Total

Perhaps, your dog is a very choosy and who are considering the taste, well this amazing product that is not only nutritious but has an enticing aroma and taste. It is tailored for the adult dog providing it with the nutrient it requires to grow, develop and function effectively. It contains a real meat which gives your dog the needed protein for it muscle development. It is an all-natural food, with no artificial additives. It is suitable for dog of all size and sex.

Worry not! This product is a balanced meal providing your adult dog the nutrient it requires to stay healthy and happy, it is a perfect meal to say a “well done” to your adorable dog. It is highly tolerated by most dog, even the sensitive ones.

Do be cautious about where your get this product from and be careful you don’t buy the adulterated product; to avoid this, make sure you always get this product from reputable stores around you. Remember to check for the expiry date and ensure the product hasn’t degraded or the can pierced. Should in case you have further question do reach out to their amazing customer care service who are always ready to attend to your inquiry or complaint.


It every dog owner’s dream to have and maintain a healthy, happy dog, one who commands the attention of other dogs and dog owner with it hearty and jolly look. A good food, having the best nutritional benefit and with an enticing taste, a food which is free from artificial ingredient and has the least amount of controversial ingredient and of course one what is pocket friendly.

Listed in this Purina moist and meaty review are factors you may want to consider while choosing the right food for your companion. Do follow through and learn why you should get a product and why not. Some brands like purina have most of this factor combined together in a single product making your decision easier to make.


Perhaps, the most important factor you may want to consider while shopping for the right food. A good dog food should contain the right nutrition as stated by the AAFCO nutritional guidelines though some brands like purina exceed it as it is only a guideline thereby giving your more nutrient required for it growth, development and maintenance of it physiological functions.

the right food should have a high protein content for the growth of the muscle tissues, should also be high in calories to cater for your dog‘s everyday activity, should contain micronutrients like vitamins and supplement to make it healthier, should have a reasonable healthy fat content. Your dog nutritional need might vary with age, size and activity. Some products are specifically made for a particular age and size while some are unisex and can be eaten by all.


Fillers are content of the food item that are added to make the food bulkier and plentiful, some fillers might include grains which can contain gluten and are not tolerated by the gut of some sensitive dog. The grain fillers are not entirely bad as they can be a good source of added calories which some very active dog or puppy will need – dog that burns a lot of them. Most brands contain filler but not all contain grains as fillers, you might want to watch out for food with grain filler especially if your dog is a very sensitive one.


The price of a dog food depends on a lot of factors with capital, demand, tax as an example. Naturally, a company that spends more in production will more likely sell at a higher price. The technology used into production can affect the price too; a company that has mastered the production technology spends less than one who has not. Brands that are grain free are generally more expensive than those that are as they spend more money getting high level filler than grains.  Purinas dog food is generally affordable due to it mastering of the production technology. You might want to closely consider this is you are not with much money but be assured that you will always get a good value for your money when you purchase.


Additives are usually added to make the food more colorful and appealing to the human buyer at least, as your dog do not care about the look, additives can be in form of flavor too which enhances the smell. Most addictive are not natural and can are linked to being carcinogenic. Most brands have stopped using the artificial additives as many regulatory bodies’ and buyer frown at it.


Dogs compliance to food is greatly influenced by it taste, a dog is more attracted to taste. Wet foods have better taste and a more enticing look than the dry foods. Taste have been made batter with turkey.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HI, how often am I required to feed my puppy?

Puppy which are in their growing stage are recommended to be fed three times a day from weaning to 4 month of age.

How best can I introduce a new diet to my dog?

The best approach is to introducing a new diet is to start gradually, you can start by incorporating about 25% of the new diet with 75% of the usual diet then after four days you slowly increase the new diet ratio.

Is it possible my dog gets bored of the same food?

Well, unlike man, dogs are not bored by the food they eat and can continue the same meal for long. in fact constant change in their diet can cause digestive disturbance to your dog.

Is it right if I add moisture to the dry food?

Yes, it is perfectly fine; moisture doesn’t change the nutritional value just that it has to be consumed almost immediately.

Can my dog eat my cat’s food?

No, it is not right. Dog and cat are different anatomically and require different nutritional requirement.

What quantity of food should I give my dog?

This depends on your dog’s age, size and physical activity. You can always follow the feeding guidelines. The guild lines shows the recommended amount of food to feed your pet.

Do I need to add vitamins and supplements to my dog food?

You certainly need not as the products are well balanced nutritionally and adding supplement can upset the balance.

How many biscuits can I feed my dog?

Feeding your dog two to four biscuit per cup of food, do note that biscuit contains calories and so you might need to reduce the amount of food you feed.


Purina moist and meaty dog food is no new name to dog lover who have satisfied them with it is wonderful taste, nutritional value and pocket friendly price. It has one of the most amazing products with the greatest taste out in market. It comes in a cheddar cheese flavor and egg flavor that is irresistible to your dog. Watch your dog leap for joy as it sees you coming with a meal of purina.

It easily chewable product are all natural and highly nutritious, containing vitamins and supplement in a reasonable amount to cater for it micro nutrient needs. It comes in different sizes and it pack are easily carried and easy to use. It is not messy as most wet foods.

Treat your dog better by getting it purina moist and meaty dog food it deserves and see how fast your dog metamorphosed into a happier and healthier dog.

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