Nutro Max Puppy Food Review

Choosing dog food is a very important task for dog owners. Amongst the different products, dog owners have to determine which products they would like for their dogs. In choosing dog food product, the breed of the dog and its preferences should be taken into consideration. The food must also be easily chewable and digestible to avoid complications.

The Nutro Max dry dog food products are not only chewable and digestible, but also cheap. They were made with dogs’ prime satisfaction in mind. This Nutro Max puppy food reviews aims at exposing the tastiest dog food products available at a cheap rate.

Top 3 Nutro Max Puppy Food Review

Nutro Max Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Nutro Max Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

As a dog owner, it is only normal that you are concerned about your dog’s welfare, especially their feeding. You want to feed it something healthy and nutritious, but also tasty. Dogs are carnivores, and as a result, love meat, chicken. So, they will most likely consider any meal contained with chicken or meat tasty.

Nutro Max Natural Adult Dry Dog Food is the perfect meal. It is a simple dog food product made with farm raised chicken. The use of farm raised chicken gives it a savory taste that your dog will like, and acts as a source of protein. It also contains vitamins, minerals and fiber. The fiber is gotten from the whole grains contained in the meal, and it aids easy digestion. Aside from these nutrients, it is also made up of a blend of other nutrients to provide a perfectly balanced meal. These nutrients will help your dog’s body system and help it to grow in all the right places.

It was formulated for large breed dogs. It does not contain such things like artificial flavors, wheat, soy protein and preservatives which are detrimental to a dog’s health.

When feeding your dog with his meal, you need to consider your dog’s usual food intake so as to not upset the stomach. It is also important to make sure that drinking water is available for your dog at all times, especially during and after the meal.

Some dogs care about the presentation of their food. So, when giving such dogs this meal, serve the food dry or mix with a little water before serving, depending on the dog’s preference. After getting the dog’s portion served, seal the bag tightly and store in a cool and dry place. This method will aid in the preservation of the product.
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Nutro Max Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Nutro Max Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

This product is the perfect for a dog that is very picky. This is because most picky dogs are every sensitive to certain grains. The Nutro Max Adult Grain-Free Dog Food was designed for these grain sensitive dogs in mind. It contains absolutely no grains and leaves your dog feeling very satisfied.

This product is perfect for different breeds of dogs. It is made with farm raised chicken, a source of high level of protein. In place of grains, legumes and potatoes are added to serve as healthy alternatives. Potatoes provide carbohydrates and are a rich source of vitamins. Carbohydrates are cheap, so they keep the food’s cost low.

Substances like chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat or soy protein which are harmful to a dog’s health are not contained. Instead, it is made up of advantageous nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and protein which are sure to help your dog grow beautifully.

The meal supports active nutrition which in turn strengthens your dog’s body system, especially the immune system. It will also allow your dog’s coat become shinier, and it is easily chewable.

It is also sold at an affordable rate and should be stored in a cool dry place to maintain its fresh flavor. The food should be finished within a few days of opening to reduce the risk of the food going bad. When you get a new dog food and want to feed your dog, it is advisable to throw away the old food product. Do not mix the old and the new meal together, they have different tastes and will not bud well with your dog’s taste .

Your dog’s meal needs help digesting, so, drinking water should be made available for your dog at all times. It is also advised to take your dog’s on walks after meal to keep fit.
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NUTRO MAX Puppy Dry Dog Food, Chicken

NUTRO MAX Puppy Dry Dog Food, Chicken

Nutro Max Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food was made with the aim of achieving a dog’s maximum health and welfare. In the making of this meal, harmful substances like artificial flavors and colors, preservatives, chicken by-product meal were not added.

This product is specifically made for puppies of ages 1 to 12 months with different breeds and sizes. It aims at supporting the nutritional meals of growing puppies.

It is made with farm-raised chicken which is a good source of animal protein. It also contains vitamins and whole grains. The grains are a primary source of fiber, and it does a good job of aiding your puppy’s digestion. These nutrients help the puppies grow into healthy dogs.

If your puppies are new to this Nutro Max Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food product, strict supervising is necessary.

There are different guidelines guiding the meal of different puppies of different ages. For puppies of three to five weeks of age, moisture should be added to the meal to enable them swallow well. Their meals should be fed to them regularly, that is, three to five times a day, as they are still growing. However, when they are six weeks old, the number of times they should be fed can decrease to two times a day.

As they are young and sensitive, you need to be careful with how you treat the food you feed them, and how you feed them. Some puppies have very delicate stomachs which get easily upset. To prevent any complications, it is necessary to take good care that the food is not exposed to anything bad.  To preserve the freshness, seal the bag tightly after use and store in a cool and dry place.

It is also important to make water available for them and exercise them regularly.
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Every dog owner constantly wants to have their dog in a cheerful mood. They like when they are active and playful. A lot of factors determine this, and one of them is their food.

The kind of food that your dog eats goes a long way in determining its look and mood. Food products that are made up of harmful substances and do not have enough nutrients can cause a sickly look which dog owners will not like.

Nutritious food products however, are a dog owner’s dream and it will help make the dog healthy. Good health gives a dog a happy mood and healthy look. As a dog owner, when getting your dog’s food products, below are some of the different factors to be considered:

1. Nutritional Content

This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying your dog’s food product/ meal.

These six nutrients – water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral and vitamins- are essential to the functioning of a dog’s body system. Among other nutrients, protein, fats and carbohydrate provide energy for the dogs. These nutrients have to be a regular part of a dog’s diet.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) have developed nutritional guidelines which commercial pet food companies are required to follow. These guidelines ensure the creation of healthy and nutritious dog food products.

Your dog’s nutritional need vary according to its age, breed and size. When choosing your dog food, you need to consider these three factors. For example, for a puppy, you are more likely to look for products with high contents of carbohydrate, and protein. Especially because the puppy is still growing and needs all the nutrients it can get.

However, food products contained with high nutrients are always more expensive than those with lesser nutrients.

2. Price

The price is also another important factor to consider when picking out your dog food product. The prices of these products depend on a lot of factors, like the amount used in producing them. It also depends on the demand for the products.

The amount of money spent on the production of these products will affect the price of the products in the long run. A high production cost results in a high product price.

Sometimes, high production cost is as a result of the low technological advancement of these companies. Spending a large amount on production is compensated for by charging high prices for the products.

Also dog foods that are filled with grain are not as expensive as the grain free products. The grain free meals are more expensive because it substitutes even more expensive components in place of the grains.

Quality food products are not always expensive, however, most of them are. Nutro Max dog food product is one of the few inexpensive quality food products available for your dog.

3. Filler

Filler is also known as bulkier. It is a lower quality and less expensive ingredient that is usually bulky, starchy and carbohydrate filled. This starch ingredient is usually used in place of higher quality, more available ingredients.

Fillers are usually added to make the dog food bulkier and plentiful. Most fillers are sometimes very dangerous to a dog’s health. There are different types of fillers however, and one of them is the grain filled filler which contains gluten. It is this gluten that makes some dogs very sensitive to grain.

So, when getting your dog’s food product, try as much as possible to ensure that it has as little filler content as possible. This will ensure your dog’s good health in the long run

4. Presence Of Artificial Additives

Dogs are mostly carnivores, and at such, are attracted to such things like meat, chicken and beef.

Thus, they are attracted to food that have meat, regardless of what type of meat it is. This is why Nutro Max dog food products are perfect, as most of their products contain chicken.

Dogs are also more drawn to wet food than dry food. This is because wet food retains a kind of freshness that dry food does not have.

The taste and flavour determines to a large extent the kind of food product dog owners get for their dogs.

5. Presence Of Artificial Additives

Artificial additives are mostly used for the preservation of these products. Quite a number of dog owners have expressed their worry about the presence of preservatives in their dog’s food. Experts have recommended that these products should be turned over and replaced with products with natural preservatives instead. These products unlike their artificial counterparts contain citric acid (vitamin C), tocopherols (vitamin E) and rosemary extract. The artificial preservatives include ethyoxyquin, tert-butyl hydroquinone, propylgallate which are carcinogenic.

Nowadays, these artificial additives aren’t really present in recent products. They are mostly present in lesser, cheaper or low-quality products. Even though they indeed are cheaper and preserve food for longer periods, it could turn out to be detrimental to your dogs health. The products that have the required natural preservatives turns out to be a little more expensive than the cheaper artificial ones. So, if your dog’s health is a priority to you, then you should be willing to pay more.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often am I required to feed my dog?

How regularly you feed your dog depends on the age and breed of the dog.

For puppies, you need to feed them at least three times in a day, or at most, five times. As they grow, ease them into a three times a day meal.

Adult dogs do not eat as much as puppies. So, two to three times a day is alright for adult dogs.

What quantity of food should I feed my dog?

The quality of food your feed your dog all depends on the kind of lifestyle your dog lives. If it is a dog that regularly exercises, a large amount of food is good. The dog’s size, age and body shape also affect the quantity. Puppies eat more than dogs.

How can I know if my dog is responding well to a meal?

As a dog owner, you should be familiar with your dog’s eating pattern. If by the time you introduce a new diet to it, it’s eating habit changes. Then, something is wrong.

The amount of nutrients contained in the food will affect how energetic your dog will be. This will help you to know if your dog is responding well to a meal.

Do I feed my dog wet or dry food?

You can feed your dog any of them, because both of them are pretty good. Most dog owners prefer dry dog foods because of its affordability. However, dogs that are picky eaters would prefer wet food. It all depends on your dog’s choice.

What is the best method I can use to store my dog food?

The best way to store your dog’s food is to store it in a cool and dry place. This is to ensure that the dog’s food is always fresh.

The best time to finish off wet dog food is within five to seven days. Dry food, however, should be eaten within four to five weeks.

How best can I ease my dog into a new diet?

To ease your dog easily into a new diet without causing any complications in the body.  It is best to introduce the new dog food very slowly.

Depending on how sensitive the dog’s stomach is, diet change might take a few days to several weeks.

When should I change from puppy to adult food?

When your dog has reached about nine months of age, you can start changing it’s diet. Ease them into the adult food slowly. Add a little of the adult food to their puppy food everyday until it is completely adult food.

Can my dog eat cat food? 

Yes, your dog can eat cat food, but it will not grow at the average growth rate. This is because dogs and cats are different species and their nutritional needs are different. So,  a cat’s food is designed to cater to its nutritional needs. The food that lets cats grow at an healthy rate can also cause a poor growth rate for dogs.

While it is true that your dog can eat cat food, it is advisable to not feed that to it. It will most likely result in problems.

Do dogs not get fed up of eating the same meals?

Unlike humans, dogs do not get fed up of the same meal. This is because they cannot experience the many array of tastes that humans can.

A dog can easily taste sugar, however. So, as long as the meal is sweet and smells nice, dogs are good. They are more attracted to taste and odour, no matter how many times they eat it.


Having read this nutro max puppy food reviews, you will see that Nutro Max dog food products have become popular dog food brands over the years. It does not contain such things as such milk, artificial additives and preservatives that are dangerous to dogs health.The production of most of their dog meal products from farm raised chicken adds to its taste. It gives it a savoury taste that your dog will love.The Nutro Max dog products are designed for dogs of different ages. Aside from the absence of artificial preservatives and presence of chicken, it is also rich in nutrients. It contains nutrients like protein, carbohydrate and vitamins.Nutro Max dog food products are very ideal for your dog’s growth, health and development.