Milk thistle for Dogs

Milk thistle sometimes called the “liver herb” due to its liver-strengthening and protective properties that it has for both human beings and pets. Some veterinarians, and other dog owners, customarily apply milk thistle to cure liver disease and in addition to liver detoxification in their loved ones. Milk thistle is something you should learn about. Liver disorders in dogs are so common, especially in aging dogs. Learning about this herb becomes important.  Right? But is it safe for your dog? Ok, let us see.

Is milk thistle ok for my dog?

For sure? Milk thistle has many benefits than its side effects. Milk Thistle is by and large safe to dogs. However, taking too much of the herb at a given time may occasionally lead to annoying stomach, gas or slight diarrhea.

It should be given to a dog on an empty stomach

You should not apply this herb on a daily basis to your dog. Some research shows that prolonged use of high doses of milk thistle will eventually affect the capacity of the liver. So you have to keep in mind that, milk thistle is a recuperative herb for the detoxification. It can also treat liver problems and other medical problems as mentioned above.

The benefits of milk thistle for dog

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​The silymarin compound (sometimes identified as silybin) in milk thistle has various abilities .it is useful for dogs with different medical problems: here are some of their best sides

Liver protection

Silymarin and other associated amalgams strengthen and protect the liver. In particular, they strengthen liver to fight against toxins. So you can conclude that Milk Thistle is an extraordinary and extremely captivating herb in the treatment of dogs with liver diseases and associated disorders.

Dogs with Cushing’s disease

Dogs with Cushing’s disease have circulating amounts of cortisol in their blood. This stresses the liver as it has to buckle up to break down the extra amount of cortisol. Dogs suffering from Cushing’s disease tend to have a high concentration of liver enzymes. Moreover, if not treated favorably, they will cause liver disease in the vicinity all the time. To strengthen the liver, dogs experiencing Cushing can benefit enormously when supplemented with milk thistle.

​Can help dogs with IBD

​It has been discovered that various dogs suffering from inflammatory bowel disease tend to have pancreatic and liver irritation. So, if your dog suffers from IBD and additional liver / pancreatic problems, try out Milk Thistle .it can help your dog solve the IBD problem.

​Helps in glutathione preservation

Glutathione is a protein that found in liver. It is a remarkable detoxifying and antioxidant in the body. In this capacity, it is essential to maintain a reliable, secure framework. The glutathione level can be affected by some factors. This includes stress, some medications, natural toxins, and synthetic compounds. The level of glutathione usually also decreases with age, and consuming this protein can speed up the maturation process! It is known that milk thistle strengthens the uptake of glutathione from liver cells.  It has been found that milk thistle can increase liver glutathione levels by up to 35%!


​Due to the potent silymarin antioxidant properties, it makes the milk thistle be a perfect herb when there is a need for liver detoxification.

Are there any Side effects of milk thistle to dogs?

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Regardless of the dosage, minor side effects may occasionally occur during treatment with milk thistle. In some dogs, excretion of loose feces or gas may occur. If given on a regular basis, liver capacity may also be compromised. As it usually directed that pregnant women should not take silymarin, it also applies to pregnant dogs. Milk thistle affects the metabolism of various organs.  It can also affect certain hormone such as estrogen which can result in complications.


It is desirable to seek reliable advice from your veterinarian before giving milk thistle to your dog. According to many types of research milk thistle has not been approved to have the ability to cure the specific condition. This makes it be generally recommended by veterinarians as a  supplement only when the liver is actually under stress.

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