Halo Vegan Dog Food Reviews

Halo vegan dog food produce 100% complete and balanced nutrition from non-meat ingredients, and it is free from rice, GMO vegetables, and cheap fillers like corn, wheat, and soy. The brand source is protein from Chickpeas, Peas, and Pearled Barley. This brand is popular among pet owner, and it is veterinarian approved. Most of the customers that have used this food for their dogs have shared their testimonials on how their dogs love the Halo Vegan dog food and their improvement in health. You can check this article to see some of their reviews, frequently asked questions and buyers guides.

Halo Vegan Dog Food Reviews

Halo Holistic Vegan Dry Dog Food – Plant-Based, Protein-Rich

Halo Holistic Vegan Dry Dog Food - Plant-Based, Protein-Rich

Halo vegan dry food garden recipe 4 pounds for vegan food small breed is your best bet in terms of dog food at any point in time. Does your dog have weight control issues, old in age, a sensitive stomach? This dog food is just perfect, it makes your dog more active with a perfect weight. The sensitivity of the dog stomach would respond well to this dog food. It is a great wholesome food for your dog. Your dog can be on this food for years and thrive perfectly.

The smell of this dog food is just so yummy. It makes them happy and excited. They will keep wagging their shinny tails while looking in the direction of where the dog food is kept. They would waft down the whole bowl at once! A dog that is a picky eater with allergies, you would be pleasantly surprised that the allergies are gone once he starts taking Halo. A happy dog plus a healthy dog equals a happy momma. Their pop won’t smell at all. Your dog will still run faster than any other dog at the park.

Halo vegan dry food garden recipe is very convenient and the ingredient list are awesome. It is highly recommended. The kibble is almost about the same size as a small breed kibble, it is easy to mix into any food, and so easy for small mouths to eat. It is well loved by dogs. Your dog could even have cancer and this dog food is a suitable diet change. Your dog’s recovery and continued excellent health will look like a miracle. Your dog will become more energetic with shiny fur. If you care about your dog’s health, try this food. If your dog has diarrhea or vomiting, this dog food works magic!
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Halo Holistic Vegan Dry Dog Food – Plant-Based, Protein-Rich, Vegetarian, Non-GMO,for Adult Dogs

Halo Holistic Vegan Dry Dog Food - Plant-Based, Protein-Rich, Vegetarian, Non-GMO,for Adult Dogs

Halo vegan dry dog food garden of vegan recipe is the best food for your dog. It is a game changer. When your dog has many sensitivities, you would realise that all the ingredients contained in this food would actually be best for your dog. It is one of the best decisions you can ever make. Your dog would love it and end up healthier looking. Your dog’s hair will be long, thick and glow naturally.

Energy levels of your dog will be through the roof. The energy level will be just like a 6 years who still plays like a puppy. Bowel movement of your dog will be consistent and solid than they have ever been. You and your dog will end up a huge fan of this dog food.

Just imagine your dog been 18 years old and still plays ball every day! Halo vegan dry dog food garden of vegan recipe achieves that. If you have a dog that is allergic to every animal protein available on earth, then this is the dog food to try. Your dog will feel fantastic. The price of this dog food is at par with its functions. Your dog skin with rashes will end up rash free with this food. A dog that is a picky eater will appreciate this dog food any time of the day. If your dog has kidney issues, this dog food contains less protein so it is the best. It smells so good. Your dog could be allergic to animal and fish protein, but with this dog food that does not contain soy or potatoes, it is perfect. Your dog will start scratching at the bowl when it is time to eat. Extra excited for meal time always. Highly recommended is this vegan recipe dog food.
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Halo Vegan Natural Wet Dog Food, Garden of Vegan Recipe for Adult Dogs

Halo Vegan Natural Wet Dog Food, Garden of Vegan Recipe for Adult Dogs

Halo vegan natural wet dog food, garden of vegan recipe is the perfect compliment. Your dog will love it. If your dog is diabetic, no health problems would be had because there would be a perfect balance. It eases the itching of your dog before you know it, your dog will be itch free. If your dog suffers from allergies, this dog food helps in solving it. This dog food is the perfect answer to your prayers. This dog food is so fantastic, it clears the air literally. Even if your dog farts, it won’t smell. You would be so thankful you found this dog food. It is a miracle.

One of the major difference is that it has no grain in it. It gives no tummy troubles. Your dog will have endless energy and a coat that is shiny. Halo vegan natural wet dog food, garden of vegan recipe tastes so good. Even if your dog has had skin issues, hot spots or dandruffs all their lives, once they start taking this dog food, all their issues will go away. They will be the one to always let you know when it is dinner time or breakfast time! Your dog could be gassy and all bloated up with a bit of fussiness, the improvement will be immediate. An overweight dog will lose the appropriate weight needed and be fit. Perfect weight on the dot. It is highly recommended.

This dog food is definitely worth the price. Like every penny. The fact that it uses flax seed oil instead of canola oil is a good pointer. You would be confident that your dog nutritional needs are being met and this dog food doesn’t support animal cruelty in the farming industry. With this dog food, emergency visits to the vet is drastically reduced.
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What do vegan diets mean?

Vegan diets are dog foods that do not have any of its ingredients sourced from animals. Thus, a Vegan diet is different from a vegetarian diet because they have dairy and egg as their ingredients. However, a vegan diet has Vitamin A, Taurine, and Arachidonic that are gotten from non- animal sources.

Can dogs eat vegan diets?

Yes, Dogs can eat a vegan diet. Thus, For dog to eat a vegan diet. It must be designed specially and approved by a vet.

Although there is a unique set of nutritional requirements for every dog breed. The dietary requirements are dependent on the dog’s size and energy level. Thus, the dog food must have a correct balance of vitamins, protein, fatty acids, carbohydrates and mineral that must match the actual nutritional requirement of Pitbull. Listed below are essential things to look for when choosing the right Pitbull food.


Your Pitbull must have an intake of calorie between 922 to 1740 calories each day. However, the number of calories depending on how active you Pitbull is, the dog age and whether the dog is pregnant or not. Thus, very active dogs need more calories and puppies should be fed more than an adult dog.

Carbohydrate Requirement

Dogs need less carbohydrate than humans. A proper dog diet must have mainly protein, fat and a bit of carbohydrate. Make sure that the brand of dog food you are getting for your dog has very less amount of carbohydrates because an excess of carbohydrate is not suitable for your dogs.

Protein Requirements

In Pitbull’s diets, there must be a lot of protein because these will keep them active. Feed an average Pitbull food that has 30% protein, and you can feed an active Pitbulls or sport dogs with a diet with more than 50% protein.

Fat Requirement

Pitbulls needs food that has enough fat because it gives dogs backup energy. Also, fat is essential to maintain dogs healthy coats. You should ensure that the diet you are buying for a growing Pitbulls has 25% of fat and you can get one with less percentage of fat for adult dogs.

Mineral and Vitamin Requirements

Make sure that the dry vegan dog food you are buying has vitamin and minerals because they keep your dog’s teeth stronger and bones healthy.

Harmful food for Pitbulls

Avoid dogs food with processed carbohydrates such as maize and bread because they are not good food for your dog. A high-quality dog diet should contain a high amount of proteins and fats. While the low-quality diet has a high value of processed carbohydrates. Thus, do not buy dog food with a high content of processed carbohydrates.

Health Problem

Diet with corn, soy and wheat (filler ingredients) can often give your dog health issues in the long run. They deprive the dog the required calcium needed to prevent hip and elbow dysplasia that dogs are prone to.


Some dogs are born with food allergies like some people, while others develop allergies with time. Significant causes of allergies are an insufficient ingredient in dog food, or intolerance specific to some dogs. Have a close examination of your dogs for symptoms like breathing issues or digestion problem. Then, if you discover any of these symptoms in your dog. Let a Vet check your dog to recommended alternative food brand that does not have the content cause such an allergic reaction. For instance, skin allergies are common in Pitbulls.

Personal Taste

Personal taste in this content means food your dog like. Observe the brand of food that drives your dog crazy. Your dog must enjoy her food. Make the right choice of many brands of food to make your dog consume the right food with the required nutrition.

Your Budget

You should consider your budget when choosing the right brand of food. Cheap food may not be affordable in the long run because your dog will consume more of the food to get the required amount of nutrient and may cause an expensive health problem. Thus, buy the brand that has the required nutrition needed by your dog, and that is within your budget.

Natural Balance Vegetarian dry dog food details

The food must not contain any animal product and diary

(1) It must be free from artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.

(2) It has to contain the same essential nutrient that diet with meat have.

(3) A good vegan dog food should be dry and have balanced nutrients suitable for various breeds of dogs.

(4) It should have proteins from peas and little complex carbohydrates.

(5) Contains energy from rice, oatmeal, and potatoes that can be digested easily.


I’m looking for vegan food for small age dogs. I’m looking for small pieces of vegan dog food that will not be too hard to chew. Thus, how hard and how big is the dog food?

There are smaller pieces of dry dog food. You should soften the food by adding little water to it or if necessary, you can broth it. Apart from that, you can mix both the small piece and vegan dog food to get an excellent mix. I blended both product and pet flax oil using my 16-year-old lab: Boxer mix and three-year-old basset hound. Finally, the outcome mix is perfect and lovely.

Does anyone notice a funky smell on this Vegan dog food?

I once bought this food when my dog was a puppy. So, I kept it in my laundry room unopened. Later, when my dog turns 1-year-old. Then, I opened the bag, and as soon as I open it, the funky smell was very apparent. I have to place an order for another bag though the food is within its best by date. Sadly, I discovered that the second bag had the same funky smell since I concluded that this brand of dog food has a rancid smell.

I have dog food that has notice of a low-fat diet. While Halo vegan dog food do say anything on minimum fat. Hence, How much fat is in each bag?

We are presently out of stock. However, I think Halo has the right answer to the question.

Is Halo brand grain-free like others?

Halo dog food is grain-free. It has chickpeas which are legume family. I’m sure if the chickpeas are excellent for a dog, but I know veggies and fruits are right for them.

Halo formulated their diet from garden vegetables, chickpeas and nourishing oils with no animal products, rice, artificial preservatives, colours, preservatives and meat protein added.

Is this a pate consistency?

Halo vegan dog food does not have animal protein, and it is moist. So, my dog loves the food, and I am happy to have this dog food to feed my dog every day. She was expected to live for a few years, but now she is 12-1/2 years old.

Why does this brand exist?

Many other dogs and mine are unable to digest animal protein. If not because of this wonderfully designed vegan food, my dog will not have survived.

I saw vegetable broth as the first ingredient of this brand. Thus, what is the sodium content in this dog food?

I don’t know much about that. But, my dogs love this brand so much. Though, you can read through the content analysis to know more about the sodium content of this brand of dog food.

Is this brand BPA free?

Sorry, I can’t help you with the information because I don’t have any can with me to look out for BPA free. But, I’m sure that this Halo is a good dog food because my dogs love it.

I have been feeding my 12Ib Yorkie with the recommended amount, but she has been pooping 7x in a day which quite not right. So, how much should I feed her?

It is usual for vegans to poop more. I can not count how many times my dog poop in a day. But you should follow the recommended guidelines. When your dog poop more, it means that the food is cleaning old stuff from their system. Finally, you can feed your Yorkie with 1 ½ cup of this diet for breakfast and 1 ½ for dinner. It will help her health.


You have to keep it in your mind when buying your dog food that every dog has her taste. Thus, let your dog have the food she loves most. Additionally, note other factors like your budget, allergies, health issue, quality of the food, nutritional requirement of various dogs, and the quality of food to give your dog each day.

To wrap things up, you should be very careful when choosing your dog food because some brand may have content from animal product or diary. You will find our article informative when it comes for you to decide your dog food.