Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Food Review

It is every dog owner’s dream to walk or own a healthy look, cute and happy dog, one sure way to achieving this is feeding your dog right, getting it a meal that is very nutritious providing it with all it bodily need to grow and develops and also having that savory taste that will make it irresistible to your dog making each meal time a joyful one. A food that is free from complications and are both easy to get and one which gives you the best value for your money. In this chicken soup for the soul dog food review, you will see the best product for your dog with the strictest adherence to the manufacturing practice and high level of hygiene; it has variety of products that can be fed to dogs of any size, age and activity.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Food Reviews

Chicken Soup for the Soul Adult Dry Dog Food 

Chicken Soup for the Soul Adult Dry Dog Food

Varieties of product are out in the market who all promises to be of good quality, this pose challenge to buyer who wants to make decision on getting the best for their dog. Well, if the best is what you are looking for the look no further as this product has one of the best nutritional value and an amazing taste.

This is a food that is tailored for adult dogs, it is a balanced meal that has all the nutritional requirement to make a healthy dog, it is made from real farm raised chicken and turkey which are not just nutritional but also a nice flavor to the meal, contains salmon which are good source of omega -3 and omega-6 which help build a healthy skin and coat, contains glucosamine and chondroitin which are perfectly blended to support your adult dog joint, hips and a stronger muscle. It contains vitamins, minerals and supplements. It is an easily digestible meal that does not irritate the stomach of your dog, so you can worry less about your sensitive dog.

It is a dry food which means it is easier to be transported and contains more nutrients per size than wet food; it can be mixed with other food given alone. The food contains prebiotics fiber from chicory root; also it contains chelated minerals that are chemically attached to proteins which greatly improves digestion. It contains probiotics which are friendly bacterial and anti-oxidant that help boost the immune system of your dog.

This is a dry food which is less enticing taste wise to a wet food and dog generally prefers the wet food , dry food are usually easier to store and have a longer shelf life than wet food and you can do well to contact the company every available customer service for further inquiry or complaint.
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Chicken Soup for the Soul Large Breed Adult Dog Food- Chicken, Turkey & Brown Rice Recipe, Dry Dog Food

Chicken Soup for the Soul Large Breed Adult Dog Food- Chicken, Turkey & Brown Rice Recipe, Dry Dog Food

This is a perfect food that is specially tailored for large breed dog, they contain the right nutrient that will aid your dog growth and developments making it look healthier, it is high in protein which helps in tissue development and carbohydrate which is a good source of energy. It is a complete balanced meal which can be used alone or mixed with other meal.

It contains real farm raised chicken and turkey that add great flavor to the food making it enticing to your dog. It omega -3 and omega -6 content help build a healthier skin and shiny coat that gives your dog an envious look, it has a calorie content of 3,523 kcal/kg which is a great amount of metabolizable energy for your dog , it contains prebiotic to boost the body immune and also it is easily digestible as it contains ingredient  from chicory root and chelated mineral that are attached to a protein molecule which aids digestion, it contains no corn, wheat or soy which are source of gluten which some dog react to as they may cause gastrointestinal upset and skin irritation.

It contains glucosamine and chondroitin which helps to build a healthier and stronger hit, joint and muscle, it is totally free from all form of artificial color, preservatives or flavor – it is all natural! It meets the AAFCO nutrient profile and even exceeding it as they are merely guidelines giving you more value for your money.

Always keep a fresh water available at all times and only get this product from reputable stores as they can be adulterated goods, check from the expiry date before buying and make sure the product has not been pierced.
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Chicken Soup for The Soul Mature Dog Food – Chicken, Turkey & Brown Rice Recipe

Chicken Soup for The Soul Mature Dog Food - Chicken, Turkey & Brown Rice Recipe

This is a highly nutritious food with the best taste; it is specifically tailored for your mature dog. It is a well-balanced meal that contains all that your dog needs to thrive and look healthy; it is very rich in protein which is needed for proper tissue development.

It is a completely balanced food that can be mixed with other food or given alone and  contains real chicken and turkey which are good source of animal protein, rich in omega -3 and omega -6 for a better and healthy skin and shiny coat, it is rich in prebiotics such as inulin which contains friendly bacteria that help boost the body immune system and also is a rich source of fiber which help increase the total fiber content and help maintain a normal bowel movement, the prebiotics also aid easy digestion of the food and  contain a real blend of animal protein with glucosamine and chondroitin to support the joints and build your mature dog muscle making it healthier.

It contains tomato pomace which is a controversial ingredient which some say is an inexpensive dog food filler added to bulk up the food mass while some praise it for being a fiber rich inclusion to the food bulk which helps in achieving an healthy weight.

The product is totally free from artificial additive such as flavourant, colourant and preservative giving you an all-natural dog food that is made from the strictest adherence to manufacturing practice and are produced with the highest level of hygiene. While shopping, check for the expiry date to avoid feeding your dog an expired food. Being a dry food makes the product easy to carry and transported and have a longer shelf life than the wet foods. Do well to reach out to their every responsive and friendly customer care service in case you have questions or complaint.
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Chicken Soup for the Soul Small Bites Dry Dog Food – Chicken

Chicken Soup for the Soul Small Bites Dry Dog Food - Chicken

No brands does it better when it comes to infusing a highly nutritious and tasteful meal than chicken soup for the soul, it contains a small kibble that are easily chewed by the dog, it is easily digestible due to the presence of prebiotics and chelated mineral and protein as ingredient.

It contains a whole grain brown rice which are naturally rich in fiver and various minerals including manganese, phosphorus and magnesium which makes it digestible as compared with other grain like corn grain. It is a 100% balanced meal which contains all the amino acid needed by your dog.

It contain real chicken and turkey which are good source of animal protein, contains omega -3 and omega -6 which is also present in it salmon content for a better and healthier skin and a shiny coat. It is totally free from all by product containing nothing but the best nutrient wise for your dog. It has no artificial color which some brands adds to give their food a more appealing taste but are linked to causing cancer, it has no anonymous meat ingredient and the company are transparent when it comes to stating the ingredient contained in their food.

Again, always buy from a reputable store and check for the expiry date to ensure your goods is still in its best state and that it is still fresh, check if the cab has been pierced too to avoid buying contaminated food. The best way to store your dog food while maintaining it freshness is to freeze.
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Chicken Soup for the Soul Weight Care Dry Dog Food – Brown Rice

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Buyer’s Guide

The aim of all buyers is to get the perfect goods needed; one that is cost effective and meets the need it is was bought to do. Dog food buyer needs are usually a product that will make their do look very healthy and envious, a food that will make the dog happier and always eager to eat. Buyers might also want to consider the product that is free from any form of artificial color, flavor or flavor and has no controversial ingredient and maybe one that is free from low quality filler.Below are list of factor you may want to consider while choosing, each factors are important and it is advisable you go through them as they will aid greatly you ability to choose wisely from array of dog food products.

1. Nutritional Content

This is the most important factor you may want to consider, a food which is high in nutrition provides the required nutrition for your dog, the right food should be rich in protein, carbohydrate, healthy fat, must have a high calorie content which provides enough energy. It should contain the right nutrition as stated by the AAFCO nutritional guidelines though some brands like chicken soup for the soul  exceeds  it as it is only a guideline thereby giving your more nutrient required for it growth, development and maintenance of it physiological functions. Some dog food are specially designed for breed, some the dog’s age and size and they contain the right and needed nutrition for the dog class it is made for. Dry food contains more nutrition in it dry bulk than the same size of wet food.

2. Filler/Bulkier

They are added to bulk up the mass of ingredient, most filler are plant based as they are less expensive, filler that include grain are considered low quality, a grain filler contains gluten which some dog are intolerant to causing a gastrointestinal upset and skin irritation. Filler can be a good source of calorie which may be good for your over active dog which consumes more energy.

While shopping make sure you stay away from products with low quality filler especially if your dog is a sensitive one, mind you, dog food which contains grain are cheaper than those which do not.

3. Price

This is perhaps one of the very important factors you may want to consider while shopping for a dog food. The price of a dog food can vary depending on some factors like the demand for the product which can be high or low, the technology used in producing the product and it effectiveness, the amount spent in production. Generally high quality dog foods are more expensive than the low quality foods , a high quality food uses less or no artificial ingredient and are mostly all natural, grain free meal are also a little more costly than the one that contains grain, a wet food is comparatively more expensive that the dry food. Some brands produces top quality product and are relatively cheap as some are more effective with the technology used in manufacturing the food, placing less burden on dog owner financially and be assured that you will always get the best value for your money when you purchase a food of high.

4. Prensence Of Artificial Additives

Additives can be in form of color which is added to enhance the appearance to buyers, flavor to improve on the taste and smell. Ordinarily additive may not be all bad depending on the types used, some additives are known to be carcinogenic and should be avoided some artificial colorant like caramel red are consider controversial ingredient and are linked to causing some type of cancer in dogs. Low budget dog foods are generally known to contain artificial additive as they are less expensive than using a natural additive.

5. Taste And Flavor

Dog unlike man do not feed on variety of food as the array of food to choose from are comparatively lower. It will really do you and your dog a good deal if the few varieties it feeds on is very palatable and taste great, a dog would not be happy feeding on a food with a poor taste. A good tasting food however, makes your dog so happy feeding.

Wet foods are generally preferred by dogs to dry foods as they have a better and more enticing aroma and taste. Flavor may include chicken flavor, turkey, salmon, beef, duck which are as nutritious as they taste.  Dogs are more compliant to a good tasting food than a poor one – you can’t blame them really.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HI, how often am I required to feed my puppy?

Puppy which are in their growing stage are recommended to be fed three times a day from weaning to 4 month of age.

How best can I introduce a new diet to my dog? 

The best approach is to introducing a new diet is to start gradually, you can start by incorporating about 25% of the new diet with 75% of the usual diet then after four days you slowly increase the new diet ratio.

Is it possible my dog gets bored of the same food?

Well, unlike man, dogs are not bored by the food they eat and can continue the same meal for long. in fact constant  change in their diet can cause digestive disturbance to your dog.

Is it right if I add moisture to the dry food?

Yes, it is perfectly fine; moisture doesn’t change the nutritional value just that it has to be consumed almost immediately.

Can my dog eat my cat’s food?

No, it is not right. Dog and cat are different anatomically and require different nutritional requirement.

What quantity of food should I give my dog?

This depends on your dog’s age, size and physical activity. You can always follow the feeding guidelines. The guild lines shows the recommended amount of food to feed your pet.

Do I need to add vitamins and supplements to my dog food?

You certainly need not as the products are well balanced nutritionally and adding supplement can upset the balance.

How many biscuits can I feed my dog?

Feeding your dog two to four biscuit per cup of food, do note that biscuit contains calories and so you might need to reduce the amount of food you feed.

When does my puppy become an adult?

Large breeds are considered adult about one to two years old while smaller breed are considered adult around six month old.

My dog’s stool volume has increased, what could be the cause?

The fiber content of your dog stool can influence it stool volume.


After reading this chicken soup for the soul dog food review, you would have discovered that chicken soup for the soul is a highly nutritious meal for your dog while combing having a great taste too, it is one of the top dog food brands with nice products and a great history of customer satisfaction with a pocket friendly price.It contains no artificial addictive, color or preservatives as it is completely natural. It wide range of products can be enjoyed by all dogs no matter the size, age, sex or activity. It specially designed to provide all your dog need nutritionally to function effectively and look healthier. The product is a very great one and stands out among other brands with the variety of product in market which you can always lay your hands on.