Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Surely can dogs eat bananas? This has been many questions asked by dog owners. With so many answers and stand about this question, it can help anyone who is after the solution so that he/she can jump into giving a banana to a dog. In this article, we take two sides of banana to the dog; advantages and disadvantages.

The quick response is yes you can feed bananas to your dog but with some limitation

Indeed, dogs can eat bananas, but before you let your loved one crush these sweet, yellow natural products, there are a few things you should know. Like other useful things, bananas are best enjoyed in moderate dogs. Bananas are packed with nutritious nutrients and minerals that are useful for dogs just like human beings, but they are also sugary and not meant to be a typical piece of a dog’s feeding routine. Enter your text here…

Why you should give bananas to your dog

Here are some of the functional advantages of feeding a banana to your dog.Enter your text here…

Healthy heart

As a child, I was generally advised to eat bananas for the potassium. It is relatively common to learn that bananas contain potassium and how it should be. A medium sized banana gives your dog 422 milligrams of it!But how does potassium benefit your dog? This supplement is an electrolyte mineral that, among other things, promotes healthy heart work. If the level of potassium in your dog turns out to be too low, it can lead to irregular heartbeats, called arrhythmias. This means that a few banana cuts can be a smart idea for your mature dog. Anyway, if your dog suffers from arrhythmias, you should first consult with your veterinarian in the neighborhood.

Healthy brain

When looking at the robust outlines of bananas, the amount of vitamin B6 is noticeable. The level of vitamin B6 in bananas is amazingly 20% of a person’s daily appreciation. They are excellent among other organic products for this nutrient!The B6 nutrient is an essential nutrient for the promotion and proper work of dog psychosis. You’re responsible for creating imperative neuro-hormones like serotonin and norepinephrine that affect your dog’s predisposition. Also, B6 is responsible for the melatonin emission in your dog. A dog with sporadic sleep can benefit from a few banana pieces. Melatonin allows them to adjust their internal clock and, accordingly, standardize their drowsiness.

Countermeasures against diseases

Another huge benefit of using bananas is that your dog gets a high level of vitamin C. This vital nutrient is known to counteract degenerative diseases, including tumors of all kinds. People need this nutrient because we do not usually make it ourselves.Note that dogs usually supply nutrient C. You do not necessarily have to extract this nutrient from a variety of natural products, vegetables or other nutritional supplements. Why this is considered a medical benefit for dogs? While the facts show that dogs can inevitably produce vitamin C, they are less effective. This means that feeding bananas to a more experienced dog can benefit them. However, feeding bananas to a juvenile puppy may not be that great.

Healthy skin and coat

Bananas contain a large amount of biotin, also called vitamin B7. Biotin is a B complex nutrient that helps maintain healthy skin and hair. It ensures that your dog’s jacket looks good with a rich, substantial sparkle. Biotin has many other medical benefits, such as maintaining solid cardiovascular, metabolic, gastric, and nervous work. However, the most noticeable benefit to a dog could be the more beneficial coat.

Why you should not give bananas to your dogs

Like most natural products, bananas contain sugar, which can be dangerous for dogs in high sums and can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, obesity, and diabetes.


Dogs eating a lot of bananas can cause a blockage. If your dog encounters disability due to banana use, it may be due to several reasons. It may seem unexpected that too much fiber causes constipation, but fiber absorbs water and can lead to severe bowel movements if not enough water is available. Dogs have no idea what’s better, and you cannot get them to drink more water.

Bananas can cause diarrhea in dogs


It is indeed against the claim that bananas could cause disability, and then they say that it could be run. In any case, bananas are made up of generally insoluble fiber that leaves your chair. If your dog gets enough water and spends too much banana, the free stool can become loose in the gut. It is difficult to say whether the runs or the blockage could be due to excessive use of bananas. It relies on the dog and its eating and drinking tendency. In any case, there is a high chance that your dog will change the chair’s propensity if you over-feed your dog. Keep it with the moderation.These bad side of banana can only be evident when you feed too much of banana to your dog. Also, the high-fiber substance may stall if dogs have too many bananas in a single session and some dogs have problems processing bananas. Of course, you should try not to give your dog too much of banana. Remember anything good when in excess can be poison.

Can dogs eat banana chips?

Can dogs eat banana chips

The bananas are not so far from banana itself. They are not too much harmful than the banana itself though challenging to process. Likewise, with any food, there is a risk that your dog is hypersensitive. If you see evidence of an unfavorable reaction, such as swelling, hives, shortness of breath, wheezing, chopping or other side effects, stop feeding your dog bananas and contact your veterinarian immediately.


When dogs are given in moderation, they can eat bananas safely. Bananas are unbelievably aromatic and healthy and can use your dog from different angles that we examine. However, the most important thing is to feed them in moderation. Without controlling the amount, negative symptoms can occur in your dog.

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