Can Dog Eat Mashed Potatoes?

Can dog eat mashed potatoes? This is the common question that many dog owners ask themselves. Surprisingly, we tend to imagine what dogs eat is somewhat different from what humans eat and we stick to that. Well, we might have unknowingly ignored some essential foods for our dogs fearing for their health. In this article, we shall discuss everything you need to know about potatoes as food for dogs.

Basically, white potatoes are quite nutritious for humans when prepared in a nice way. But is that true with dogs too? The answer is yes. Potatoes have vitamin B6, Vitamin C, magnesium, iron and other necessary nutrients that dogs require. However, if you do not cook them well, there could be some negative health effects. Similarly, if you feed your dog with too many potatoes, the consequences will be unpleasant.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Potatoes?

Indeed, feeding a dog with raw potatoes is not a good idea. White potatoes belong to the family of nightshade vegetables which comprises tomatoes. Just like tomatoes, the raw potatoes have solanine, a composite that is toxic some dogs. Nevertheless, cooking a potato minimizes the levels of solanine.

What Should You Do If You Have To Feed Your Dog With Potatoes?

If you have to feed your dog with potatoes, they need to be boiled or backed. More so, you should make sure that they are pure. No additional ingredients. Actually, potatoes fried in oil, like potato chips, French fries, or salt added to them or potatoes with butter are not healthy for dogs. In case your dog has diabetes, feeding it potatoes should the last thing you should do. This is because potatoes can lead to blood sugar spikes.

Why Do Dogs Seem To Be Affected By Proteins From Potatoes?

Naturally, dogs are made to obtain most of its nutrients from the animal protein. Consequently, if your dog feeds on boiled or baked potatoes, it should do so with some moderation. Feeding a dog with excess carbohydrates can cause obesity or other adverse health issues.

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes?

While white potatoes are nutritious, sweet potatoes are always healthier and more nutritious. They have Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B6, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium among other nutrients. Every dog is unique. Therefore, begin with just a little amount of potato to ensure your dog does not get digestion issues. You should get advice from your vet prior to adding a new feed into the diet of your dog.

Can Dog Eat Mashed Potatoes?

Technically, dogs can eat mashed potatoes. Notwithstanding, you should take caution in regard to that. Essentially, mashed potatoes are not bad for dogs, but they are not fundamentally excellent for them. They do not give your dog a lot of nutritional benefits. Certainly, you should avoid some potato products such as potato chips.

With that, however, there is still a lure to seldom share our human foods — particularly the ones we like the most — with our dogs.

As stated earlier, mashed potatoes are not fundamentally bad for dogs on their own. Nonetheless, you should take maximum precautions when feeding young dogs with it.

Mashed Potatoes Serving Ideas

(1) Unseasoned. Do not add onion powder, salt or garlic. Garlic powder and Onion powder are toxic to dogs and can cause anemia. Furthermore, dogs that eat too much salt become promptly dehydrated.

(2) Part of a domestic meal balanced with a great source of protein.

(3) Just a topping on their food on exceptional occasions.

Can Dogs Eat Instant Mashed Potatoes?

Definitely, it is not the best thing to feed a dog with instant mashed potatoes. These have some ingredients that are unhealthy for young dogs. Unless your dog is quite matured, some ingredients may be hazardous or toxic.

What Makes Instant Mashed Potatoes Unsuitable For Dogs?

(1) Instant mashed potatoes have a lot of sodium is can be toxic to a dog- sodium is a salt by itself. This kind of potatoes ordinarily has extra seasonings. These may include chives as well as garlic is toxic for dogs in particular amounts too.

(2) Based on the flavor added to it, instant potatoes may contain high cheese content.

(3) Instant mashed potatoes need milk, which can lead to digestive predicaments, usually severe, in dogs having lactose intolerance.

Wrapping Up

If you have decided to add potatoes to feed your dog with some sort of potatoes snacks, be cautious. Consider giving it sweet potatoes because they are safer and richer in nutrients. Nevertheless, if you will be tempted to give it other kinds of potatoes, regulate the amounts. This way, your dog will be healthier and more active. At last you know can dog eat mashed potatoes or not.

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