Best Rawhide for Puppies

Dogs are naturally fond of chewing. In fact, there is a need to try to satisfy this natural urge for your dog to chew things. If you fail to do this, you might end up with chewed shoes, cables and so on. This is where dog treats come in. one of the most popular types of treats you can give to your dog are rawhide treats.

Because they come in different forms, shapes and sizes finding the best rawhide for your puppies might be a little challenging. We have reviewed some of the best examples you can purchase. This article also includes a guide that will assist buyers looking for quality rawhide treats for their dogs. We have also answered some of the most important questions buyers have about rawhides.

8 Best Rawhide for Puppies reviews

Plain Rawhide Chews for Small Breed Dogs, Natural Dog Treats Only by Green Valley Treats, 25 Chews

Plain Rawhide Chews for Small Breed Dogs, Natural Dog Treats Only by Green Valley Treats, 25 Chews

This top quality rawhide twist is made from 100% healthy and nutritious rawhide. They are then wrapped with chicken slices to encourage your dog to chew away to its satisfaction. More than just a healthy chew, your dog will find chewing this rawhide twists the perfect solution to boredom. It will also help to r reduce tartar deposits on your pooch’s teeth. It is made for puppies and toy dog of sizes 0 to 7 lbs. One of the best things about this special dog chew is the fact that it is made to order. Every order is processed within 2 to 3 days of delivery. This ensures that you are only giving your dog freshly made treats. They not only conform to quality but are also free from preservatives and additives.

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Rawhide Dog Treats for Small Dogs Made in The USA Only by Lucky Premium Treats

Rawhide Dog Treats for Small Dogs Made in The USA Only by Lucky Premium Treats

Lucky Premium’s rawhide chicken-basted treats are manufactured in the USA from top quality ingredient sourced from restaurant quality animals. This rawhide dog treat is delicious and your dog will almost definitely savor it. Each re-salable bag of Lucky premium rawhide dog treats contain 35 delicious dog chews.every single one of them guarantees long lasting chew for your dog. The chews are made from natural beef skin and are chicken-flavored to make them even more delicious than ever. They are also free from any form of additives or preservatives. It is also gluten and grain free which makes it perfect even for dogs with allergies.

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Golden Chews Natural Rawhide Chips – Premium Long-Lasting Dog Treats (4 Pounds)

Golden Chews Natural Rawhide Chips – Premium Long-Lasting Dog Treats (4 Pounds)

​Dogs are naturally conditioned to chew on anything they find. Golden chews rawhide chews are designed to be a natural and healthy solution to your dog’s urge to chew. By treating your pups with this extra thick rawhide chips you will be keeping your precious little pooch busy. Moreover, you can also be sure you are serving them a tasty and healthy snack too.

These rawhide chips are made from top quality grass-raised South American beef. It serves as a good chewing exercise for your dog. It has also been known to help promote healthy teeth and gums for your canine friend. Additionally, this yummy treat serves as tarter control and gets rid of stubborn plaque as your dog chews away.

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Pet ‘n Shape Chicken Hide Natural Dog Bones

Pet 'n Shape Chicken Hide Natural Dog Bones

Chicken and rawhide makes an absolutely delicious combination for your pooch. This premium quality rawhide bone wrapped with all-natural chicken breast is one of the rawhide for puppies. Each long-lasting, savory treat serves as a great source of protein has a very low-fat content, it is also a healthy snack your dog will enjoy being treated with. It is prepared fresh and delicious. Each of these treats has been carefully roasted for flavor and optimum quality your dog will long. It also comes in resealable bags which help to preserve its freshness for as long as possible.

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Baxter Boy Rawhides for Dogs, 8-9″ Premium Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers

Baxter Boy Rawhides for Dogs, 8-9" Premium Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers

​Baxter Boy Premium Rawhide roll guarantees endless chewing hours for your dog. However, it does more than just keeping your dog busy. This top quality rawhide roll is a healthy snack as well. Asides being nutritionally beneficial, this healthy treat also works to keep your dog’s teeth and gums in shape.

It is a good way to exercise your dog’s gum. It also helps to get rid of plague and tarter as your dog chews on it. You will also love that fact that this rawhides has been meticulously prepared to meet your dog’s needs. This full grain hide contains no chemical colorings or preservatives. Each one has been meticulously hand-rolled and handpicked for inspection in order to ensure it conforms to quality standards.

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Dingo Twist Sticks with Peanut Butter, Rawhide Chew, 25-Count

Dingo Twist Sticks are made from raw meat that has been wrapped in rawhide and peanut butter. This perfect combination of ingredients is absolutely irresistible for your pup. However, this special dog treat is much than just delicious flavor your dog will love. It is a wholesome and healthy treat too. It serves as a great source of protein for your pooch. Additionally, it works on the teeth to keep it clean naturally as the dog chews away at the sticks. Each pack contains 25 twist sticks perfectly sized and shaped for your dog’s pleasure.

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Cadet Gourmet Healthy Rawhide Flavored Twist Treats for Dogs

Cadet Gourmet Healthy Rawhide Flavored Twist Treats for Dogs

If you are looking for healthy dog treats with a taste your canine will love, then Cadet Rawhide dog treat will make a very great choice for you. What you get from each of these rawhide chews is hours after hours of chewing fun for your dog. If anything, this premiumquality sticks will even contribute to your dog’s teeth and gum health too. This is in addition to the fact that it serves an as good source of protein and other nutrients.

The natural rawhide has chicken or turkey wrapped around it. This not only makes it delicious but also leaves you dog wanting more of it. It has been slowly roasted to bring out its savory flavor. It has also been kept in fresh condition without using any form of chemical preservatives or coloring. Just natural for that special pooch you love so much.

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Cowdog Chews Natural Rawhide Chips Premium Long-Lasting Dog Treats with Thick Cut Beef Hides

Cowdog chews Rawhide Chips are made from high-quality extra-thick hides obtained from free-range South American Beef. These top quality natural chew has been prepared under the best of conditions and specially formulated so that your dog finds it delicious while serving as a healthy and nutritious treat as well. First, your pup will love the rawhide flavor of these chips. It will most likely keep them busy for hours at a time. Cowdog Chews are great for keeping your dog’s gum and teeth healthy and clean naturally. It is made without any harsh chemical; neither does it contain fillers, gluten, or artificial coloring or preservatives.

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Things to consider before buying the best rawhides for puppies

You probably noticed this during your search for the rawhide for puppies. Many of the manufacturers pride themselves on their product being made in the United States. There is indeed some sense in buying rawhide from manufacturers with factories in the country you are resident. Although this isn’t an automatic prove of quality. The argument isn’t about the country of origin itself or the quality of rawhide they produce. Instead, the reason why the source is a  factor is mainly for the purpose of maintaining freshness.Of course, quality is another reason since it is preferable if you are buying from a country with strict regulations. This way you can be sure the manufacturer conforms to standards. Also, be aware that some manufacturers have gotten smart with concealing the country of origin. It is up to you to check carefully and be sure you are reading the label correctly.

Your dog naturally has this intrinsic urge of wanting to chew always, you see on. supermarket shelves varying products that are said to be designed for this purpose that is a product your dog can chew on for long what is not necessarily food. The best product you should go for must not complicate the health of your dear dog and below are some of the important factors you may want to consider while shopping.

Quality of rawhide

​Another very important factor is the quality of rawhide itself. A treat that is too hard for example or too dry can damage your dog’s teeth. You also don’t want to serve your dog rotten rawhide. One way to detect rottenness is in the way the product smells. While it is normal for an organic product to have a peculiar smell, you must ensure that the rawhide you are giving to your pup doesn’t have a rotten smell.

Brand/ manufacturer

​Although popular brand name isn’t always a guarantee of quality, however, it is safer to buy from trusted manufacturers. A lot goes on at a facility that makes rawhide dog chews. The rawhide has to be washed and sanitized. Then it is cut and rolled or pressed into the final product then packed for shipping. This means a lot can go wrong in the manufacturing process but a good way to be almost certain you are getting quality is by buying from a trusted manufacturer.

Shape or form

​For everything that goes into your dog’s mouth, there is always a risk of choking. This becomes even more pronounced if it is not properly made. Which is why the shape, size and even the form the rawhide chew is made is important. For variety, manufacturers try out different shapes but some of these different types are simply not practical and leaves a lot of room for danger. A product that comes in separate small pieces or loose knots, for example, can separate from the roll when it is chewed and your pup can swallow these small pieces which can pose a choking risk.


​As you might know already, the rawhide isn’t always just rawhide. Thus apart from checking the quality of the rawhide in the chew, you should also consider the additives too. Generally, you should avoid products with artificial additives or preservatives. Some rawhide treats like Dingo Twist Sticks have natural additives like peanut butter added to them. Others like Baxter Boy Premium Rawhide Roll have grain as an added ingredient. You should check for these additives and confirm that your pup isn’t allergic to any of them before you buy.

Source of the product

The best product for this purpose are usually one that is sourced naturally from either raw hide which are usually the best type of product some product however are plastic in nature and are not natural, the danger of this is that when such material are chewed for long they tends to break and can enter into your dog stomach causing some gastrointestinal upset or worse act as a precursor to cancer, the broken plastic can injure your companion teeth and can cause liters of plastic all around your property.

In addition, products from natural source are usually combined with chicken or turkey to enhance it taste and improve it nutritional content.

Presence of Chemical, Pestisides or Additives

Natural sourced rawhide are made from cattle, the nutritional of the cattle it was gotten from actually matter as this will determine the quality of it hide. The best cattle are grass fed cattle whose hide free from artificial additives such colorant and flavourant, a cattle being range raise is also important as they are usually free from harmful chemicals such as pesticide which may be sprayed on their skin to kill or prevent flea infestation.

Country Of Origin

Some buyer may not have an issue with this but some do, though most food item imported to the united states are tested for safety before they are being released to the market for sale, some buyer still do not trust product that are coming outside the united states as the country’s production and safety rule may not be as strict as that in the US. Dog food especially from china are frowned at since they case that killed thousands of pets in 2007 pet food recall, some product are not entirely made in the united states and part of the ingredient are imported which pose a difficulty in differentiating them from those entirely made in the united states as both comes with a “made in the USA” phase. Reaching out to the company about the source of the raw material might be helpful but some companies are not transparent with their ingredient source.

​FAQ – Frequently asked questions

​How do I find the best rawhides for dogs?

Finding a good quality rawhide for dogs isn’t an easy task. While there a lot of factors to consider, generally the most important points to consider includes: 1. Long lasting2. Helps your pup to exercise its jaws 3. Cleans the teeth 4. Makes it hard for the pup to ingest too much rawhide at once5. Least likely to cause chokingRawhides that fulfill these criteria are rare. However, it is important that anyone you are buying for your dog checks as many of these boxes as possible.

​Are rawhide chews safe for my pups?

Rawhide chews are great for keeping your dog’s busy and can help them to exercise their teeth too. However, there have been a lot of concerns about how safe they are. Some of these concerns are genuine while others are just plain outrageous. There are concerns about digestibility but this shouldn’t be a bother except your dog is sensitive or allergic to rawhide. There are also genuine concerns about quality. However, you don’t have to bother about preparation and packaging issue if you are buying from a trusted brand. Perhaps the most common and realest concerns about rawhides are the risk of them causing a choking hazard. To combat this you should ensure that you are buying quality rawhides with no small pieces that your dog can swallow. You should also serve your dog under supervision to reduce choking risks.

​Are there certain dogs that shouldn’t be given rawhide treats?

​Even though rawhide is great to treat for most dogs, we have to admit it’s not for all dogs. If your dog has a history of diarrhea or any other digestive issues, for example, it might find it hard to digest rawhide. Also, if you have a dog that tends to swallow things, giving it a rawhide treat can be dangerous. Also, the of your pup can also determine if it should be given rawhide treats at all. It could also determine which type it should be given.

Is using rawhide as a treat safe for my dog?

Though rawhides are by product of the cattle industry, they still maintain some level of safety and qualitative requirement while making them.

How can I be sure the rawhide is produced in the United States?

The country of origin of the product is usually at the back of the pack and to confirm if a product are made with USA material depends on if the company you are buying from audits it supply chain which all depends on the company transparency.

What are rawhides?

They are the inner layer of cattle just below the outer layer which is usually tough. The layer is cut and are used alone or combined with other ingredient and their shape is form.

How often should my dog feed on rawhide?

Well, this depends on the protein content of the rawhide treat, the one rich in protein should be given once daily and giving more than that can cause stomach upset. One with low protein content can be given two or three times depending on how your dog loves them.

Can feeding on rawhide make my dog fat?

Rawhide contains calories in them and depending on how much your dog feeds on and they physical activity of your dog, it might have an impact in your dog’s weight.

Are there any alternatives to rawhides?

Yes, there are, you can give raw bone, antlers from deer, fish skin, venison ears, frozen carrots instead of rawhides.

Are there risks associated with rawhides?

The risks associated are relatively small and are dependent on how often your dog feeds on them and the source of the rawhide. The risk includes contamination, stomach irritation and chocking harzard.


When it comes to choosing the best rawhide for dogs, your options are virtually limitless. You can choose from any of the great quality products on our list for your pup. Similarly, out buyers guide has all that you need to make the right decisions about which rawhide treat to buy. By following these tips you should be able to find rawhide that is not only delicious and healthy but also safe for your pup.