The Best Dog Food for Pugs in 2022

For this post, I have put together a collection of best dog food for pugs covering every life stage (puppy, young adult, adult & senior).

Pugs are love, and the adorable face will always make you happy. So, if you do care to make them happy as well, you need to give proper nutrition with the right dog food. Pug is a food-loving breed and they need a very different type of food selection to avoid obesity.

A large number of products from different brands could make it challenging to get the best pugs food. But I have taken a try and let’s start….

Best Dog Food for Pugs: PetLabHouse Reviews

Royal Canin Pug Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Pug Puppy Dry Dog Food

Pug puppies are sensitive and finding the best food for pug puppies needs some extra care. If you don’t want to take any risk, you should go for the Royal Canin dry food which comes in a special formulation to fulfill all nutritional needs for the puppies. Puppies between 8 weeks to 10 months could take the food for healthy development and a strong immune system.

  • This is a Yam Free dry food for pug puppies.
  • It contains balanced nutrition with carbs, protein, and healthy fat.
  • The formula ensures proper growth without obesity.
  • Vitamin E in from multiple organic oils to make the skin healthy and smooth.
  • Formulated with Enough probiotics to digest the food and have regular poop.
  • Improves the hair growth, nail structure, and the eyesight.

We recommend this dog food because of its balanced nutrition. You should, however, avoid this dog food if the puppy is allergic to chicken.

Royal Canin Pug Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Pug Adult Dry Dog Food

The well-known dog food brand Royal Canin formulated this dry food for adult pugs. Adult pugs need a balanced diet to maintain sound health and strong bone structure. This is the best dry dog food for pugs over 10 months. The chicken-flavored dry food contains high nutrition value and ensures a good health condition.

  • It is an easy digest food from Royal Canin to avoid constipation.
  • Per kilogram of the food contains 3751 kilocalories of ME (Metabolizable Energy).
  • Its protein content and L-carnitine builds strong muscle group to support the body weight.
  • Contains EPA and DHAP from fish oil that prevents wrinkles on the skin.
  • Kibbles are uniquely shaped and fits jawline for chewing comfortably.
  • Balanced diet fills the stomach without adding extra weight to prevent obesity.
  • The protein used in the dog food comes from healthy sources.

To maintain a healthy weight and keep the pug active, this dog food is great. The food is balanced and safe and most ingredients are natural.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dog Food

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dog Food

For adult pugs, this natural dry food would be a good choice. Instead of too much fat, it comes with quality protein and whole grain ingredients. No issues if you are tensed about the obesity problem in the pug. Rich with antioxidants that ensure healthy aging for adult pugs. It is the best dog food for overweight pugs with allergies, particularly to animal by-products.

  • Contains omega fatty acids which are a good source of healthy fat.
  • Probiotics in the food for a healthy digestive system and smooth poop.
  • Doesn’t contain any meat by-products or filler for health concern.
  • Healthy minerals and different vitamins for skin and coat.
  • Formulated with only natural ingredients for full functioning liver and heart.
  • It tastes delicious that the pug would like to take it regularly.

For adult pugs, this dry food item ensures a healthy and balanced diet. Your dog will be more energetic and active and avoid being overweight.

Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food

This Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food is suitable for small breed puppies which is made with natural ingredients. If your pug puppy loves to take wet food or you would like to combine dry and wet food, should go for it.

  • It is an easy digest formula doesn’t store extra fat on the body.
  • Contains high-quality protein for a healthy growth.
  • Both soybean oil and salmon oil for a balanced fat source.
  • Vitamin E, vitamin D3, and vitamin B12 supplements to give the best nutrition.
  • In one package, there are 12 trays with a single serving.
  • You can preserve the leftover in refrigerator for the next meal.
  • Each food tray contains 88 kcal of energy.

Continuously giving dry food could spoil the taste of food for pug puppies. You could try this chicken-flavored wet food to bring some changes in the meal.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food

Does your adult pug have allergies to grains? Then you should pick this dog food that is grain-free and comes in a balanced formulation with healthy ingredients. Instead of meat or chicken flavor, this item features sweet potato and fish flavor. You could combine with other dry foods to change the taste.

  • It is an abalone free formula for the adult pugs.
  • Contains high-quality protein from salmon to get lean muscle.
  • The formulation includes natural fibers to prevent constipation.
  • It doesn’t have any kind of artificial flavors or fillers.
  • Essential vitamins and minerals help in developing healthy skin.
  • Suits for all stage pugs but best for adult pugs.

If you would like to stick to a restricted food item without grain, go for it. No preservative or artificial ingredients have been used to ensure healthy growth and better functioning liver.

Hill’s Science Small & Toy Breed Wet Food

Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food for Senior Dogs

Both pug puppies and senior pugs have a sensitive digestive system. A wrong or unbalanced diet could cause serious issues. If you are looking for the best dog food for senior pugs, pick this item from Hill’s Science Diet. The wet dog food contains high-protein which is essential for senior pugs.

  • Used only easily digestible ingredients for better metabolism.
  • Chicken and barley flavored that senior dogs love most.
  • High-value nutrition that ensures healthy skin, coat, and stool.
  • This package includes 24 cans and each one contains 5.8oz of food.
  • It adds only lean muscle instead of bad fat in the body and makes the pug more active.
  • The can is easy to open and ready to serve the dog instantly.

The food item is highly safe for senior pugs. As it contains less carb and high-protein, obesity won’t be an issue with it.

Blue Buffalo High Protein Grain Free Wet Dog Food

This is a canned food from Blue Buffalo which features small breed turkey and chicken flavor. It is a wheat-free formula and has fewer carbs that best suit adult pugs. If the pug is getting overweight, this high protein formula would help to maintain a healthy weight. It is the best wet dog food for pugs with all natural ingredients.

  • Great for weight management and preventing obesity.
  • High-protein food adds more lean muscle to the body.
  • Beef, chicken, duck, and turkey flavor for a great taste.
  • It suits for all small breed dogs that you could also serve for another dog at home.
  • Pugs who are allergic to soy would like items as it is free from this ingredient.
  • Wet and easy to chew and digest without causing any bloating.

This wheat-free formula could help to reduce the fat level and make the pug healthy and strong. Highly recommended for pugs struggling with the lack of protein.

IInstinct Grain Free Canned Dog Food

Instinct Grain Free Canned Dog Food

This is all-stage dog food for pugs. Best suits for dog owners who have multiple pugs with different age levels. Wet canned food is a great source of healthy protein. The chicken flavor of the food gives the best taste to your pug.

  • It is a grain free dog food and has beef instead of it.
  • Rich with protein ingredients for healthy muscles.
  • This is the best dog wet food to have a proper digestive system.
  • Contains peas and carrots as ingredients to balance the meal.
  • Menhaden Fish Oil for healthy and wrinkle-free skin.
  • All vitamins and biotin supplement for a properly functioning body.

This food comes in a canned form that is easy to serve. You can also preserve the leftover food for the next day, just use a refrigerator to keep it safe. However, this item contains Chicken Meat, Eggs, so be careful if the pug is allergic to these.

HillHill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food for Pugs

Pug puppies’ nutrition needs are different than adult and senior dogs. You need to pick the best dog food for pugs that ensure healthy growth. It is possible with a healthy diet and this Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food has that nutritional value. The dry food comes in delicious chicken flavor and small kibble sizes. So, the puppy can easily chew it.

  • A good combination of plant-based and animal-based ingredients.
  • High-quality protein to develop lean muscle and become stronger.
  • Whole grain wheat, corn, and sorghum to provide the energy all day long to remain active.
  • Healthy fat from fish oil to prevent wrinkle at an early age.
  • Folic Acid, Biotin, and Vitamin D3 Supplement are present in it for healthy hair and nail.
  • It won’t cause constipation or bloating in your pug puppy.

As a pug puppy food, this is ideal. Contains different vitamins, minerals, protein, and healthy fat to ensure a strong, lean, and active body.

Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food with Protein

Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food with Protein

If you have noticed your pug is suffering from nail, skin, and hair issues, maybe he/she is not getting enough protein. You can simply ensure a rich source of protein by providing this Diamond Naturals dog food. Besides high-quality protein in the food, it also contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This is a superfood that comes in dry food.

  • Formulated with crude protein and crude fat for the healthy development of body.
  • The protein comes from salmon and doesn’t have any artificial ingredients.
  • Contains vitamins, minerals, and biotin for healthy skin and hair.
  • Enough probiotics present in the formula for better digestion.
  • Both animal and plant-based protein have used to balance the quality.
  • It doesn’t contain grain and never causes obesity in the pug.

This is an all-stage dog food that is suitable for pugs suffering from lack of protein. With healthy lean muscles, it also improves the body’s functionality and makes the pug active.

How to Select the Best Dog Food for Pugs: Buying Considerations

Your dog trusts you to give it the best. You know you can’t afford to let down that trust and give your darling little pooch something inedible or even unsafe. This is why the pressure to find the best food for pug puppies is understandable. As far as that goes, there a quite a number of things to consider. They include the following.

Know Your Dog

The best place to start with finding the right food for your dog is to look at the dog itself. It is important that you know your dog if you will ever find something good enough for it. The obvious physical characteristics are important. A senior pug’s nutritional requirement differs from that of a puppy. A lactating mother requires more calories than other regular pets. These are a few of the details about your dog you should put into consideration. You should also consider your pet’s behavior too. Your dog’s health is also very important. A dog with an underlying medical condition cannot be made to eat just anything. Knowing your pug well is the starting point for finding the right food.

Understand How to Read Dog Food Packaging

More often than not, most or even all of the information you need to determine if the dog food is right for your pug is written on the packaging. However, even though they are in plain English, they are mostly coded and proper understanding will help you in choosing right pus food. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Simple terms in product name such as “Beef for Dogs” shows that the listed nutrient is what makes up 95% of the dehydrated product and 70% of the total constituent when the water has been added.
  • Terms like “dinner” “platter” “formula” etc. implies that the main protein makes up 25 % of the entire dog food.
  • Another word to be on the lookout for is “with.” It means any ingredient that follows it is only 3% of the total component. If the dog food has “flavor” on the pack, it means the protein in question is only in trace amounts; Just sufficient enough for the taste to be detected.
  • When reading the ingredient list, the first ingredient on the list is usually the most abundant in the food. Ensure that this isn’t corn or vegetables. Preferably this should be meat or a meat meal.
  • Ensure that the meat in your dog food is indeed meat, and does not include animal parts like hair, horns, hooves or teeth.
  • Gain free isn’t always a bad thing: contrary to what most people think, grain isn’t always a problem except your dog has allergies. Ensure that you confirm with your vet before you place your dog on a grain-free diet.


At the end of the day, it isn’t enough to buy the best food for pugs. It is quite important that you keep an eye on your dog as you feed it. This way if your dog starts rejecting food or starts showing a negative reaction you will notice and discontinue it. Contact your vet for answers to any questions you might have.

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