Best Dog Clippers For Yorkies

Many people bring their dog to an experienced hairdresser for clipping. But for you, if you have some skills, you can use the best dog grooming clippers for yorkies to cut your dog’s hair home without help. However, getting the best quite clipper is not that easy. It is on the account we have prepared these dog clippers review .we will highlight the best five items. Moreover, we will talk about some things to consider when choosing the best item.

5 Best Dog Clippers For Yorkies Reviews

​Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless  Dog Clipper

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers

We open our quiet dog clippers review with this product from WAHL. It is a perfect go among dog owners, as most of their pet clippers have quality and strength. These cordless dog clippers with Lithium-Ion are what you should buy. Thanks to the quiet operation, the 2-hour operating time, and the ergonomic shape. Also, a light sparkles after the 15-minute fast charge cycle and an extremely sharp blade.

Furthermore, it accompanies and this makes the model even more captivating. There is the loading product, a pair of scissors, an overview, and an arrangement of joints for different types of coats. This means that this is an exceptional travel destination for those who make a difference to different customers.

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PetExpert Dog Grooming Clippers Kit Rechargeable Quiet Pet Hair Clippers

 PetExpert Dog Grooming Clippers Kit Rechargeable Quiet Pet Hair Clippers

Second, find this battery operated dog clipper by PetExpert accompanies the label “easy obligation” This could be a concern for those who have races with troublesome coats. Speed and power are not at the forefront here, though there are titanium edges. Rather than discussing terms and speed settings, the organization seeks to provide a restless dog preparation unit. This is evident from the attention to the absence of vibration and the quiet rushing engine. A brand that focuses on the creature’s experience is quite refreshing, regardless of whether there is a small compromise on execution.

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Cyrico Extremely quiet dog clipper

Cyrico Extremely quiet dog clipper

The clipping is a critical and essential piece of an animal. An ideal clipping not only makes your flawless dog excellent but also keeps your dog correctly and order to achieve that, this third item, let you go. These pet clippers are cordlessly textured to make them more comfortable for users.

The refreshed engine in the dog clipper works with exceptionally low noise. You can hardly hear any stalls when cutting out the creatures. It delivers exceptionally quiet noise when it works. In the meantime, the engine imported from Germany will not astound you with its capacity. It cuts off the animal hair in a similar way.

The edge of the trimmer is incredibly sharp for the haircut of pets. The sharp edges of resin and hardened steel are consolidated, so they produce less heat than most double treated steel edges. So, with this unit you do not have to stress that your dogs are injured while cutting.

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Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit – Quiet Heavy-Duty Electric Corded Dog Clipper

Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit - Quiet Heavy-Duty Electric Corded Dog Clipper

Here is another WAHL’s version on the list. This device has everything you need to trim and cut the entire body. It has blades made from carbon steel that stay sharp longer, has predominant cutting edge geometry, and provide excellent skin support to safeguard your pet from being pulled or cut. Exceptionally, this unit is ideal for making improvements between visits to an experienced hairdresser. These clippers strive to provide the best results for dogs with fine and medium coats.

Things We Liked:

  • ​The powerful power drive motor
  • ​Comfortable handle
  • ​Self-sharpening

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • ​Short battery life

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​Pecute Dog Clippers Rechargeable Pet Clippers Dog Trimmer

Pecute Dog Clippers Rechargeable Pet Clippers Dog Trimmer

Our last item,Pecute – clippers  which has, reliable motor, five speeds at its discretion, are generally suitable for small to large creatures with fur type, ideal for preparing cats, dogs, and rabbit hair. The thin and light plan makes it easy to grip while reducing the weakness of the wrist.

Also, hostile accommodations guarantee a safe grip when trimming pets. It is structured with low noise and low vibration. It may have a sound of 50 decibels, regardless of whether the activity is completely quiet at an extreme speed of 7000 rpm. Super Power Motor supports five-speed changes from 5000 rpm to 7000 rpm. You can choose the speed for different hair hardness’s of your pet. Equipped with an extremely high-quality LCD screen, you make the subtleties of the battery, the time remaining and the speeds clear first, facilitate your use!

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Things to consider when choosing the best dog clipper for ​yorkies

​Type of blade

​Various dog hair trimmers accompany blades that are made with unique materials. Most clip-on cleats accompany steel blades. Steel cutting blades are sufficient and useful, but blunt much faster than sharp blades that are made with titanium.

​Cordless or corded

​Latest hair clippers are available in standard corded assortments, as well as cordless adjustments that do not need to be plugged into a power outlet.

​Single speeds or variable speeds?

​Most dog cutting machines have engines that operate at a single speed. This may be sufficient for dogs with short coats. However, you will most likely need to increase the engine speed with a 2-speed engine if you trim a dog with a thick, long coat. On the other hand, it is usually helpful to turn down the engine speed when cutting areas of light fur, as this keeps the sharp edges cool.

Speed and Power

Your dog clipper should cut through coarse and matted dog coats very smoothly, and if not, it means it is not powerful enough to clip dense dog coats. A key feature when analyzing quality dog clippers, is the Rotary Speed Per Minute. It indicates how many times in a single minute will the motor rotate fully. This is what will allow you to smoothly go cut coarse coats and difficult knots.

This rotary speed is primarily how the best dog clippers will offer a lot of power and high rotations every minute. Getting a dog clipper of a very high rotary speed might inevitably generates a lot more vibrations and noise, and if you are using the clippers for some period at full speed, your dog may not even be at ease by the heat discharged by the clippers. Therefore, as a dog owner or groomer, you need to get the best dog clippers that will give the right balance between power and speed against its noise, heat, and vibrations. You might even want to get yourself variable-speed clippers, so that you can adjust swiftly depending on the task at hand. You switch to a high speed for bulk trimming to be done while precision work can be done at the lowest speed setting. And when cutting through your dog’s coat, your dog clippers will cut through very smoothly.

Noise, Vibrations and Heat

The dog clippers contains a motor which rotates and move the blade of the clipper for it to cut smoothly, so when getting a clipper for your dog, know the type that is good and is adapted to your dog’s coat. Getting a clipper which is more powerful will surely cut through, but it may cause heat, its vibration can increase and it can cause noise, which may inconvenient some dogs.

Therefore, before buying a dog clipper, know the one that will fit your dog’s skin, not necessarily a very powerful one, and it should cut smoothly while it remain quiet and cool for longer, and vibrate as little as possible at low speed.

Size and Weight of the Clippers

Another thing to keep in mind, and you must take note of when getting your dog clipper is its size and weight, they both will make a significant difference. Any modern dog clipper for yorkies you want must be designed ergonomically, to fit your hand so that your hand can enjoy holding it for long durations.

A very light and more compact dog clipper will make scheming around the dog’s hair a much easier task, and you can groom several dogs quite often more effectively and without pain, and this becomes a priority. Getting a Lightweight dog clippers will not give you as the groomer wrist fatigue. Even if the clipper is light, the dog and you cutting his hair will feel less vibrations, especially with powerful dog clippers at the highest speed.

Cordless Dog Clippers

You might want to get a cordless dog clipper for your yorkies for convenience, and it is very easier to work with particularly for some spots which are hard to reach.

However, if you are getting a cordless dog clipper, make sure you go for a clipper with strong batteries, because these clippers make use of batteries and you will have to charge the battery, so get a clipper with strong batteries to power it for a long period of time, because they often tend to run out after an hour. With comprehensive  use, you may end up charging it constantly and wear out the battery in itself.

Before getting a cordless dog clippers, you have to know that they are slow, so your dog’s coat must be pretty soft and supple. The benefit of cordless dog clippers is that you can use them with or without the cord; this you can not do with dog clippers with cord.


You should get the best comb for your yorkie dog. The combs are available in different materials and sizes. However, you should look for the one that is best for your dog. Grooming your dog is very essential and it is an important way to keep them healthy and to get closer with them. The extent of the grooming they need will depend largely on their breed. For dog like yorkie having long coat you will have to groom him at all time in an attempt to cut down on shedding while keeping them looking good. You do not have to worry that your dog’s coat is too thick to handle on your own. That does not have to be the case. With some research, you just find the best dog clippers for thick coats, and this can save you a lot of time while saving your dog from quite a bit of stress.

Attachment Combs

In order to achieve a professional looking results on your yorkie dog from home, you will need some dog clippers with attachable guide combs. These combs help you make your dog’s fur neat and even, it also beautify their coats. It will make your work simple if you already know what length you want your dog’s fur. Many kits come along with multiple length options and with some guess-and-check work and you can find the best length to suit your dog.


​1. How can I keep my clipper sharp?

You can do oiling to keep your blade sharp for long. You can keep it sharpen for a long time by oiling it

​2. How can I check if the settings is ok?

You can place the machine on your hand and test. You can know this by placing the clipper on your hand after you have put it on, there you feel if its ok and ready for cut or not.

​3. Could you use them on cats?

​Of course why not.

4. Does it really matter if it is single speed clipper or a variable speed clipper?

The different clippers have different speed options, some can go as high as three or more settings, some are single speed, and many offer two speeds. The variable speed is common because it gives a choice between faster, efficient cuts on the coat, and slower and a more deliberate cuts on other areas.

Clippers with double speeds basically give the user greater control, and they are essential when handling the issue of heat. Also remember that clippers with additional grooming tools and attachments will add to the versatility.

5. How can I be sure that this dog clipper is safe enough for my dog?

This is a good question, and as a dog owners, we all want an perfect device and at a good price. To know if the clipper is good for your dog, first thing is the noise produced by the motor. A quiet clipper is less scary. The next thing is the vibration it produce which can also be distressing. Then there is the heat from the blades, and some blades heat up far too fast, making it is a health risk to the dog’s skin.

6. What can I do to prevent the clipper from overheating?

If your clipper is overheating, there are some different ways to avoid this. You can switch down to a lower speed to reduce the pressure on the motor, or  turn it off completely for a little while, though this might not be convenient. You can also make use of blade oil. But the best approach is to get a dog clipper that does not heat up in the first place.

7. Can I use a corded or cordless clipper for my dog?

This depends on the breed of dog, the level of their activity and where you plan to groom them. Large dogs that might move around, and like to be groomed outside, therefore using a corded clipper might not be appropriate, because corded clippers only reach so far.

Cordless models are easier to scheme on the dog’s hair, but they will need a good battery life on larger animals. Also check to see if the clipper comes with an extra battery pack. The issue with cordless clippers is the downtime while the device charges up, and a second  removable battery will help eliminate this issue.

8. How often should I get my dog’s hair cut?

To keep a proper and manageable coat for non-shedding breeds, you should have your dog’s hair cut every 4 to 6 weeks. And, if they are kept in a very short cut, these may be able to go 8-10 weeks. Dogs that have short, shedding coats can normally wait 8-12 weeks between grooming appointments, as long as they are brushed very well at home.

If my dog’s hair is knotted, can I cut the hair short?

If you leave the hair and is allowed to knot or develop matts,  it is not good for the dog’s skin. It may be possible to cut the matts on the coat, that is if it can be done without causing pain to the dog. Unfortunately, the process is often painful or can cause irritation to the dog’s skin.

Matted dog’s coats can cause a variety of skin and health problems to your dog. When your dog’s hair is seriously tangled, matted, or densely coated there are high risks of stress, trauma, and  injury. If the coat is seriously matted and you determine to  de-matt him, you will need to remove the coat with clippers.

9. How can I remove the blades on my clipper?

All brands of detachable blade clippers will have a blade release button you can press to take the blade off. And this is usually on the back of the clipper, just below the blade. You do not have to unscrew the blade itself, just press or push the button and the blade will release. Then you pull the blade towards the back of the clipper, and lift it off the blade latch.


Hope with this guide, you not be among Many pet owners who fear grooming their dog at home. Yes, if you do a bit of homework and equip yourself with any of the product from this our best pet clippers for dogs review, you will find that it is probably less demanding than you thought. Just ensure that you choose the item based on the state of your dog, your need and you will be able to clip your dog like a pro.