The Best Dog Clippers for Thick Coats in 2022

In this post, I have put together a collection of the best dog grooming clippers for thick coats as well as for coarse and matted hair. These clippers or shavers are suitable for both professional and home use.

Long, silky or shiny hair, or thick coat – these are the signs of a healthy, resilient dog. Once they are clustered or never taken cared, they can be a storehouse of germs, dust and parasites. This clustering of hair (known as Matting) is natural phenomenon of the cute furred friend.

Matted hair makes the dog feeling unstable, uncomfortable, and skin issues. These may lead the pet into instability, inviting skin diseases. Dog clipper is the best idea to take care of any kind of dog hair. You can trim, untangle the messy hair, and leave freedom of breath to the pets.

Unfortunately, many of us fail to choose the appropriate clipper for dogs. An inaccurate tool can bring unwanted incidents. So, I have taken care of this crucial matter and my research lets you know the top-rated dog clipper for thick coats in detail.

Best Dog Clippers for Thick Coats: PetLabHouse Reviews

Here is an updated list (August 2021) of the top-rated dog clippers for thick and/or matted hair:

Oster A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper with Detachable Cryogen

Oster A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper with Detachable Cryogen

Oster A5 dog clipper features a detachable two speed wider blade for swifter and versatile results.

  • Consists of a powerful, high-quality universal motor with dual speed settings: 3000 and 4000 SPM.
  • It offers multiplied strokes every minute to make clipping faster and satisfying.
  • It is designed with impact-resistant, sturdy build materials for long term applications.
  • Works smoothly in cryogenic order with different Oster blade series.
  • Features ribbed body to operate the clipper worry-free.
  • Comes with 10 feet pro-grade power cords for safe clipping.
  • Can clip dogs with double or drop coat, curly, wire hair.
  • Package includes a clipper including detachable size 10 CryogenX blade, blade oil, clipper grease and brushes.

Professional vets and expert dog groomers use Oster A5 dog clippers for different animals. You can also use the device for your pet dog to untangle the matted hair.

Best Detachable Blade Clipper, Professional Animal Grooming – Andis 22340 ProClip

Best Detachable Blade Clipper, Professional Animal Grooming - Andis 22340 ProClip

Andis ProClip clipper features active detachable and portable clipper that offers professional robustness at home grooming of the pets.

Professional grooming clipper for shaping the curly or matted hair of dogs. You may use the on-off switch to change or attach new blades to the clipper.

  • Completely sturdy design with high-speed blade offering two different speed settings.
  • Features two speed settings of 2700 and 3400 SPM.
  • Devices takes least time to cool and operational for repetitive applications.
  • Built-in shatter-proof frame to prevent damaging or corrosion after longtime uses.
  • Features a locking switch that prevents clipper from shutting off accidentally.
  • 14 feet long shock-proof cord to use the clipper from any corner or side you want to cut hair of the dogs.
  • Features easy changing and cleaning facility of the detachable blade.
  • Produces less noise and vibration so that your dog stays happy and safe.
  • Package includes a clipper and 10 sized UltraEdge blade.

HANSPROU High Power Low Noise Dog Clippers with Guard Combs Brush for Dogs

HANSPROU High Power Low Noise Dog Clippers with Guard Combs Brush for Dogs

Hansprou dog shaver clipper features powerful 12V motor to produce more strokes of sharp titanium-ceramic blade.

  • Features plug and play option to get the correct speed and motion of the blades without any hassle of charging battery.
  • Includes titanium alloy and ceramic moving blade with 35 teeth cutter head for precise cutting.
  • Extreme low noise and vibration (<50 dB) eliminates the chances of making pets afraid.
  • Dual adjustments of 4 guard combs and 5 gear shifts offer cutting different lengths of hair.
  • Features a simple button to operate the clipper like turning it on and off.
  • Features cutter head washing with tap water to remove broken or sundry hair.
  • Offers trimming and shaving any type of hair coat like the professional clippers.
  • Package includes dog clipper with a cleaning brush, 4 different guard combs and a warranty card.

Hansprou clippers are very much friendly to different types of pet animals. You can use the shaver to groom curly hair or heavy coat.

HOLDOG Dog Clippers Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clipper

Holdog dog clipper features a practical, modern clipper with smart monitor and control settings.

  • Features a robust titanium-ceramic blade of 33 teeth to provide speedy cutting experience.
  • 3-speed adjustable motor produces a potential medium to high SPM.
  • The fast-cooling feature increases the operational time and the longevity of the machine.
  • Produces less than 50 dB noise with low vibration, which is friendly for pet dogs.
  • Operates with 2200mAh Li-ion battery requires 3 hours charging for up to 4 hours runtime.
  • Offers adjustable blade distance of 0.8 -2.0mm to change cutting style depending on needs.
  • Comes with 4 helpful adjustable clipping combs to work with hair of different lengths.
  • Features a digital LCD screen display to inform the user about battery power and blade speed.
  • Package includes Clipper with a scissor and comb made of stainless steel, an oil bottle, a small cleaning brush and 4 attachment combs (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm).

A great choice for beginners to start grooming the dog with thick, curly wavy hair coats. It appears very much friendly to those users who have zero knowledge of using clippers.

oneisall Rechargeable Cordless Dog Shaver Clippers Set for Dogs Cats Pets

oneisall Rechargeable Cordless Dog Shaver Clippers Set for Dogs Cats Pets

oneisall dog grooming set features all rounder capacity of shaving and clipping long, thick or matted hair of any dogs.

  • Features premium quality blade combinations to provide you optimum shaving or trimming experience.
  • Fantastic low-vibration and noiseless (<50 dB) design marks a peaceful application while little furry friend remains playful throughout the grooming process.
  • A wide blade with adjustable distance cuts any matted or thick hair safely and faster.
  • Detachable blade offers to change and cleaning to cut hair at ease without pulling the coat.
  • Consists of built in rechargeable Li-ion battery that keeps blades running for hours without producing too much heat.
  • Battery indicator turns green when it gets fully charged while red suggests recharging the battery.
  • Appears with handy combs for safe grooming with exceptional versatility.
  • Offers to use the device while connecting the adapter to a power outlet or as a portable device detaching the adapter.
  • Package includes a clipper with stainless-steel scissor and comb, an oil bottle and 6 guide guards from 3mm to 18mm.

Take this shaver and clipper as the final and best option for lovely ones If you have already wasted a lot of money and time on untangling the matted hair.

Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Dog Clipper Grooming, AGC2

Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Dog Clipper  Grooming, AGC2

Andis dog clipper features corrosion-free chrome-colored detachable blade with easy attach and detach option.

  • Two variable speed settings for versatile clipping of pets.
  • Features professional quality, high-speed rotary motor providing 3400 or 4400 SPM.
  • Faster cooling for repetitive applications.
  • Damage-proof, incomparable structure and noise-free design.
  • Compatible with UltraEdge or Ceramic Edge blades.
  • Helps to detach blade with easy on-off switch.
  • 14’ shock-proof quality cord to groom dogs from every possible angle.
  • Package includes a clipper, detachable size 10 UltraEdge blade, blade oil, and the primary device.

Andis dog clipper is most suitable for the dogs with curly or wavy hair. Professionals use this clipper for frequent pet grooming.

Best Dog Grooming Clippers kit with 12V High Power Low Noise for Thick Coats Heavy Duty Hair Clippers for Dog

 Best Dog Grooming Clippers kit with 12V High Power Low Noise for Thick Coats Heavy Duty Hair Clippers for Dog

AIBROS features complete clipper kit that is friendly to the beginner groomers.

  • 26 teeth titanium-ceramic blade with 10x sharper edges provides great experience to the first timers.
  • Features a 12V robust motor of 7500RPM for cutting long thick or matted hair without disturbing the skin or hair coat of the pet.
  • High speed blades cut through the toughest areas while preventing clogs.
  • Comes with dual adjustment setting of 4 gear shifts and 4 guard combs for versatility.
  • Anti-slippery handle and ergonomic design helps the user to operate the shaver smoothly.
  • Lower noise level of 60 dB never lets your dog understand something is touching its hair.
  • Plug and play feature enables using the pet clipper by connecting to power outlet with 98inches cord.
  • Package includes a pet clipper, a spare blade, 4 guard combs, a cleaning brush and user manual.

Aibros shaver is designed for regular use on thick knotted hair. A beginner pet groomer can easily use it for the simple mechanism.

Ceenwes Dog Clippers Low Noise with Comb Guides Scissors Nail Kits for Dogs Cats & Others

Ceenwes Dog Clippers Low Noise with Comb Guides Scissors Nail Kits for Dogs Cats & Others

Ceenwes dog clipper features all-in-one grooming tools to provide your dog a brand new and stylish cut safely.

  • Features a handy hair trimmer running with a strong motor for high-speed motion of the blades.
  • Dogs remain calm and happy as it produces only 60 dB sound when you keep it switched on.
  • This cordless clipper cuts the hair without pulling the hair coat.
  • Offers 70 minutes runtime with only 5 hours battery charging.
  • Titanium-ceramic blade with fine-tuning knob offers 5 different hair length adjustments.
  • 4 attachment guide combs help to maintain the thickness of the coat accordingly.
  • Built in sturdy construction so that you can repetitively use the grooming tools.
  • Package includes a clipper with battery, an AC power adapter, a cleaning brush, 4 comb attachments (3-6-9-12mm), a stainless flat scissor, a stainless-steel comb, a nail clipper kit, a nail file, a user manual.

Many dog owners use this pet grooming tools for beginners. Save your wallet while keeping your lovely pet happy and its skin safe.

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers for Dogs

 Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers for Dogs

Wahl Pro series dog clipper features high carbon and ultra-sharp blades to trim and shave thick or heavy hair coat of different dog breeds.

  • Features a complete dog grooming kit with elementary tools for long-term uses.
  • Established as the number one brand of hair clippers and trimmers.
  • Offers accurate cut on dog clipping of medium or double coats.
  • Features a blade adjustment taper lever to adjust the position of the blade.
  • Professional tools give noise and vibration free clipping at home.
  • Features PowerDrive cutting system with powerful Li-ion battery.
  • 15 minutes quick charges can give up to 2 hours runtime.
  • Package includes a clipper for dogs, 4 guide combs, finishing comb, scissors, power cord, oil & cleaning brush,

Many professionals use it to trim and clip the whole body of a heavy to thick-haired dog. You can use it for short 1/8” to long 1/2” haircuts of any small to large dog breeds.

Pet & Livestock HQ Dog Grooming Clippers Kit, XL & Large Dog Haircut Machine, Heavy-Duty, Electric Hair Trimmer for Dogs

Pet & Livestock HQ Dog Grooming Clippers Kit, XL & Large Dog Haircut Machine, Heavy-Duty, Electric Hair Trimmer for Dogs

Pet & Livestock HQ grooming kit contains powerful tools and accessories to shorten medium to thick hair coat of any small to large size pet animals.

  • Features maximum speed of a grooming clipper to trim excessive thick hair of a large pet dog within just 15 minutes.
  • Post to superior position than ordinary 20-30-watt pet shavers, whereas it has 380-watt copper motor with 2500RPM speed.
  • Aluminum head and airflow vents protect the pet trimmer by cooling the device while running.
  • It is built with rugged polymer structure with blade adjustment distance for vibration and noise-free cutting.
  • Produced with skin-safe blades and 2 guides to keep the pet skin safe and cut or burn free.
  • High-end build, polymer body and ergonomic grip offer long-term trimming and clipping of small-large size pet hair coats.
  • 18.3 feet long power cord enables grooming pets at max comfortable position.
  • Package includes animal shears carrying case, 2 blades with precision-honed edges, 2 guards, 2 quick-change replacement brushes, multi-purpose screwdriver cleaning brush and oil bottle.

This pro-grade clipper can be a right choice if you have big size pets with long, heavy thick hair coat. You can cut hair of multiple pets within moments.

BOUSNIC Dog Clippers 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clipper for Small Medium Large Dogs

Bousnic professional rechargeable clippers feature a full set of a necessary and professional-grade grooming kit.

  • Comes with different useful tools to save time and money grooming a pet dog.
  • Noise and vibration-free (<50 dB) 2-speed cordless clipper for untangling hairs thoroughly.
  • Good grooming clippers for pets with no risk of skin issues among dogs.
  • Gives precise and flawless cut like other professional quality dog clippers.
  • 3 hours full charge of built-in rechargeable 2200 mAh Li-ion battery offers 300mins runtime.
  • Features option to recharge the battery with simple USB cable (requires adapter).
  • A smart battery indicator indicates the level of charges if it is ready to use or not.
  • Package includes a Dog Clipper, stainless steel scissors and comb, attachment guide combs (3 / 6 / 9 / 12mm), USB cable, cleaning brush, blade oil, and user guide.

Bousnic 2-speed dog clipper works best on thick, long, but straight hair. You may need to wash and dry pet to remove knots if the dog has matted hair.

Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit – Rechargeable, Cordless Pet Grooming Clippers & Complete Set of Dog Grooming

Pet Union professional dog grooming kit features a great option to use the clipper both as a trimmer and smart shaver for dogs with a light to medium thick hair.

  • Features a rechargeable cordless grooming clipper to work smoothly for almost 2 hours.
  • Comes with complete sets of dog grooming tools for hassle-free trimming and shaving.
  • Noiseless device performs thoroughly without harming the hair coat of the pets.
  • Features a powerful precision motor that allows high-speed strokes to cut the application time.
  • Cordless design helps to take care of pet hair at any angle.
  • Wide, sharp blades with different combs offer impeccable full-shaving or grooming touchups.
  • Two different wide blades: ceramics moving (1.5”) and titanium fix (1.7”).
  • Feature a nail clipper kit to take care of dog nails.
  • Package includes a Pet clipper, AC power adapter, cleaning brush, four comb attachments, stainless steel straight scissor, thinning shear, stainless steel comb, nail clipper kit, nail file, and blade oil.

Experts recommend using this Pet Union product for enhanced grooming of dogs and other pet animals with long hair. It works best for up to medium hair coats.

How to Select the Dog Grooming Clipper for Thick Coats: Buying Considerations

I have seen many pet owners who trim their pets (dogs, cats) with ordinary clippers. Even some of them shave off the body of the dogs. The result is often gruesome as cuts and bruises appear on the dog skin. Maybe you are making the same mistake by choosing the low-quality clippers or just regular blades to clip the favorite animal.

Thick Coat Dog Hair Grooming

So, I am about to discuss about the essential matters for buying the right clipper for thick coats. An appropriate clipper will never cause harm to a little one. Keep these matters in your mind and follow them:

Weight and Grip

When you are holding a clipper, it should be well-balanced. Heavyweight clipper or low-quality grips can spin, slide or fall off the clipper from the hand. Heavy clippers are tough to handle while it is running. You may have aches in your wrist when you hold the device for a long time.

Now, you should know the weight of a clipper before ordering or buying one. The importance of the product is always written on the body of the package. The grip and shape of the clipper should be friendly to hold and operate. It is possible to maintain firmly without sliding the clipper if it is of low weight. Top-rated dog clippers weigh less but built-in sturdy structure.

If you choose heavy clippers, you should be careful when you are using them. They may trim or cut hair incorrectly without intentions.

Power and Speed (The Crucial Parts)

Speed means how fast you can perform a job. Dog clippers come in two major speed setting options. You can choose single-speed or variable speed settings in these clippers. A matted, thick coated dog needs clipper with high speed or variations of speed.

Single-speed settings are usually fixed at a certain speed, which you cannot increase for finer or faster result. But they are suitable for maintaining the trimming or shaving smooth and even. These clippers are often powered with batteries (portable). However, corded clippers can also be available with single speed settings.

Variable speed settings offer faster and smoother cutting experience. You can increase the blade’s strokes per minute (SPM) with these speed settings. These SPM can vary in each setting like 2500, 3000, 4000 SPM.

If the dog’s coat is more cumbersome, you may set the speed settings too high. Higher speed can clean the bulk amount of hair within a short time. Besides, you can have better control of these clippers. But clippers with variable speeds can create noise and vibration.

Power (For Better Maneuverability)

Portable dog clippers run with battery power, whereas others stay live with direct electricity. Portable devices have no extension cords, which you may need to connect to power outlets. Their high-capacity batteries are enough to run for 60-90+ minutes long. But sometimes you will need to charge them for hours. Portable, battery-charged clippers help to reach tight areas flawlessly. USB charging cables come with the main product for charging the battery. You may also use it by connecting or without connecting the cord in portable clippers.

Corded dog clippers require plugging into the power source. In this case, the devices come with long cable or wire to operate them freely. These clippers contain a speedy motor, which provides sufficient strokes of the blades.

Noise, Vibrations and Heat (Keep Doggy Playful)

A peaceful environment makes everything swift and straightforward. Dogs love to stay disturb-free when you are trimming their hair. Many ordinary clippers create excessive noise and vibration when they are turned on. The motor starts rotating the blade at high speed. When the blade starts rotating, it becomes unstable, and thus, noise and vibrations created.

High-quality clippers run swiftly. The average noise level remains very low even when the blade is moving over the hair at high speed. The maximum noise or vibration level should be below 60 db. However, you may find many clippers at this noise level.

Minimal noise and vibration levels never terrify the dog. So, there is no chance of alarming the dog. It also minimizes the opportunity to invite any accident or discomfort of the dog. But you should keep in mind, finding noiseless clipper should not exclude sufficient speed of the motor or blade. If your dog clipper is producing excessive noise, then it is a waste of money. So, choose the device (whisper-quiet) wisely to keep your pet stress free.

Heat (Safety Measures)

Sometimes, clipping the mats or coarse hair requires more than an hour. The clipper gets hot when you operate it for such a long duration. The produced heat, especially the heat of blade, becomes unmanageable. You will not be able to have good control over the device.

The dog may be afraid of getting heat on its body. Even, the heat may burn the hair unusually. It would be tough to hold the hot clipper with bare hands. So, you should be careful about it choosing a clipper that produces least heat.

Some clippers include the best uses of the device in their manuals. You may need to cool the device by turning it off for a couple of minutes during each project. Regular use of blade oil may improve the heating of the blades.

Combs (For Styling)

Like trimmers for men, dog clippers also need good quality combs. It is a must remaining part of a dog grooming kit. Combs help to maintain the length, style, and thickness of the coat.

Branded clippers for dogs come with various size guide combs. The teeth of the combs may be small or large. Also, the distance of the teeth may vary from one comb to another. The materials of these combs are also available in different forms. Manufacturers use plastic or stainless steel to make these combs.

You may purchase sets of 5 or 10 different guide combs.

Attachment Combs

Attachment combs are useful to make dog’s hair or fur neat and clean. These combs help to increase the beauty of the coats. You can give consistent cutting length to dog hair.

These combs are available with the main package. You may also buy separately by matching the brand and model of your dog clipper.

Quality of the Clipper’s Blade (Extremely Important)

In the early days of clippers, there were blades made of stainless steel only. Now, technology is developed with the pace of time. Manufacturers are using high-quality materials, including stainless steel to keep the machine on and on.

Most of the high-quality clippers have a combination of two different blades. Titanium fixed blade and movable ceramic blade– these are present in the clippers. A fixed blade stays on position while the ceramic blade moves over this blade. This is how modern dog grooming clipper works.

The size of the clipper blade is also essential. You can choose wider blades for faster cutting. Usually, size 10 blades are suitable for grooming a dog. CryogenX, UltraEdge, CeramicEdge etc. popular blades are available in different sizes.

You should also choose blades by knowing its teeth number. An edge can have 25-35 teeth for cutting the hairs.

Blade quality is always essential. Low-quality blades may have rust after several uses. Titanium or ceramic blades have less chances to be oxidized. They also create less heat when you use it. Many clippers come with these long-lasting blades. However, you may purchase spare blades for use with old clipper.

Availability of Replacement Parts (Especially Blades & Battery)

There may be a need for changing parts of the device after using the dog clipper for several times.

Suppose you are facing battery issues or having a charging problem. There may be faulty USB cable that you use for charging or the battery is dead. Now, you will need to replace the cable or the battery to start using the clipper again.

Many expert users, including me, suggest replacing the old blade off the clipper. Replacement of old, several times used blade may bring frustrating results. The rust on the blade makes the device out of order. So, changing blades can be a positive thing in grooming pets.

You can buy sets of batteries or blades online. You should check the details first if they are compatible with your device or not.

Does Package Include Necessary Primary Devices

When you are buying a product, you should look at the package ingredients. Clippers made for home uses come with various accessories. These are blade, scissors, shears, combs, brush, blade oils, etc. However, these may not be available with clippers made of professional uses only.

Blade Oil for Clipper Longevity

When you are using the clipper, you should maintain the quality of the blade. If you fail to take care of the blade, it may not perform as you expect. The blade may get rust soon.

Blade oil keeps the blade sharp and clean. It can also reduce the symptoms of rust on the blade. You can buy clipper or trimmer blade oil at the stores. But I suggest you choose oil those are recommended for specific clipper or blade you are using now.

Clippers Warranty

There goes a proverb, (actually modern proverb) – if you want to use the faultless thing, you must count extra money. Similarly, if you wish to worry-free grooming kit for dogs, you should look for a bit pricy product because quality products cost a bit more than ordinary products.

But you should not be dissatisfied. When you are purchasing a high-quality clipper, you will get product warranty too. It depends on different manufacturers. The average warranty of clippers is between 6 months to 1 year.

How to Cut or Shave Thick Matted Dog Hair at Home

Shaving the dog with thick or matted hair coat for the first time can be tough. If you practice it well for a couple of times, you may start shaving. But you should always remind there can be risks of cutting dog skin.

However, you might be interested enough in shaving a dog. Again, it can be an emergency. So, you must follow experts in these cases. They can show you how to do that. You may follow this video to do it on your own:

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common but important questions asked about buying the best-selling or top-rated clippers:

Question: Are the dog clippers and human clippers the same?

Answer: No, both types of clippers are designed in very distinct ways. If you use a clipper on dogs made for humans, it may cause several issues. Using human clippers on dogs for long time can burn the pet’s body and sensitive skin. Besides, the excessive noise and vibration may result distress and fear among dogs.

Manufacturers build the clipper keeping two things in mind. The device should create less heat and be noise or vibration-free. But human clippers fail in these cases.

Question: What can be the reason of clipper’s not cutting well?

Answer: The most common reason is your clipper is clogged with hair. You may forget to clean the blade regularly. There are more reasons, such as blunt cutting edges, damaged motor, or dead battery. You should check out the device well to find the issue stopping the machine. Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent such device faults.

You should rinse and dry the coat before you start cutting the fur. It makes cutting the matted hair simple and keeps clipper fit.

Question: Do I need to maintain my clipper?

Answer: Whatever brand you use for nourishing the pets, you should maintain the health of grooming tools. The blades need to remain sharp, and the motor should be working, the battery should hold charges well.

Maintaining the clipper saves time but gives an excellent result. Besides, it provides the unit increased lifespan. You can sharpen the blades before every time you start using it. Clean all the hair from the blade and comb after cutting the hair. You should also rinse, dry, and oil after every session of cutting matted, thick hair coat.

Final Verdict

I have prior experience of versatile grooming tools for dogs, cats, and other pet animals. My experienced eyes never suggest any wrong product to the pet lovers. I have filtered out these above best dog clippers for thick coats among hundreds of products. You can compare them with ordinary, ineffective grooming kits.

You can see all the significant parts of these dog clippers in this review. I wish that it would be a resourceful content to you, even if you are a beginner or willing to have a dog as a pet.

Happy Grooming!

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