Best Dental Sticks for Dogs

Best Dental Sticks for Dogs

If you are a dog owner and you really understand the pain caused by tooth cavity then this article is for you. Certainly, dental sticks are what you need to save your dog from this. However, not all products labeled best dental treats for dogs that you see are really the best. Don't worry if you are too busy to research on the best dental sticks for your dog. This article has done it for you. In addition to reviews, it further outlines other essential tips that you don't want to miss before shopping.

Top 3 Best Dental Sticks for Dogs Comparison

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​Greenies Original


​4 x 9.5 x 11.5 in

​27 oz.

​Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic ​


​6 x 2 x 8.5 in

​Small-30 Count

​OraVet Dog Dental Sticks

​Adult 10-24 lbs

​6.5 x 5.75 x 4.75 in


8 Best Dental Sticks for Dogs Reviews

​1. The Greenies Original Regular Size Dental Dog Treats

The Greenies Original

Normally, this selection is ideal for toy breeds as well as dogs between 5 to 15 pounds. These sticks clean and give your dog a fresh breath when taken once a day as a treat. To attain this, they are quite tasty making your dog will be eager to receive his or her everyday treat. The dental dog sticks feature a pleasant texture that combats tartar and plaque. Apart from being tasty, they are too effective and powerful. In fact, their strengths have been recognized by vets and they too, suggest this solution. Additionally, the chews are formulated with dissolvable elements that are easy and safe to ingest.


  • ​Easy to digest
  • ​Helps in fighting plaque and tartar in dogs
  • ​Good in keeping your dog's mouth clean and fresh throughout the day.
  • ​Fit for dogs of almost all sizes


  • ​You need to ensure that you buy the appropriate size for the kind of dog breed you have. Some clients report that this seems to be quite miniature for their distinct Fidos.

​2. The Dingo Tartar And Breath Chicken Dental Sticks

The Dingo Tartar And Breath

Luckily, here is a cheap and effective dog dental Sticks for your dog! It combines dominant flavors into a delicious treat that eliminates plaque and tartar and plaque. It is made of real chicken which presents protein components in the sticks. Besides, they are ideal for dogs of all sizes including puppies. Nevertheless, the manufacturer suggests the guidance of the dog to keep it from taking the whole pieces. A great gum massage is also guaranteed. Actually, the sticks come bundled in a convenient bag that aids conserve their originality and features. The added freshness that Dingo Tartar and Breath has comes from elements like parsley seeds and baking soda. Undoubtedly, your dog will salivate for these dental sticks.


  • ​They are relatively cheap
  • ​Excellent at removing plaque and tartar from your canine’s teeth
  • ​An alternative source of protein for your dog


  • ​When in uncontrolled amounts, it can lead to stomach upsets hence; you have to monitor your dog

​3. The Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews

The Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic

Basically, the sticks join natural antibacterial action with an abrasive procedure for clinically demonstrated plaque management. This implies that it is an easy way of dealing with the complex method for removing plaque like anesthesia. Further, this product has an exclusive Dual-Enzyme system. This helps eradicate plaque-breeding bacteria. Notably, the chews themselves are also composed of chosen beef hide. For pleasing results, the manufacturer advises giving your canine at least a chew each day. This procedure will aid to minimize calculus and plaque. With that, your dog will be stronger and will experience his powerful chewing abilities for an extended period.


  • ​Provides an antiseptic and an abrasive action for protecting your dog's teeth
  • ​Has Dual-Enzyme system that easily kills bacteria
  • ​Pleasurable chewing


  • ​It may lead to gastrointestinal difficulties that will harm your dog if given in uncontrolled quantities

​4. The American Kennel Club treats

The American Kennel Club treats

If you are searching for dental sticks at an affordable price then you need to stop at this product. First, the manufacturer of this product should is just a pointer that its quality is impressive. With that, you can be assured that they are effective. You might want to go farther and give it your dog to taste. Well, it will certainly attract your dog as it is very delicious. Reputably, ingredients like peppermint, yoghurt, and parsley oils are employed in fabricating them. The chews aids in removing and controlling tartar build-up. Also, the formula does well for fresh breath. If you are not certain about your dog's mouth size, you can always break these sticks. Really, this is a good idea in regard to saving your dog from stomach problems.


  • ​Eliminates and manages tartar build-up
  • ​breakable into smaller and manageable pieces


  • ​Unfortunately, some customers observed that their dogs had water poops after consuming these sticks

​5. Pedigree Dentastix Dog Dental Treats Original Flavor

Pedigree Dentastix

These sticks are made with flavors like bacon, beef, mint and chicken to energize and keep your dog's teeth. The sticks are made from the USA and they are approved by the VOHC. Therefore, the quality of its ingredients has been ascertained to prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar. Significantly, this will help your dog to have fresh breath. Additionally, they are particularly shaped (x shaped) to reach all areas of the teeth and effectively clean the gumline. Again, their thickness is perfectly designed thus, they are also ideal for dogs with sensitive teeth.


  • ​They are available in several flavors
  • ​Easy to grind
  • ​Triple action of freshening the dog's breath, cleaning and preventing accumulation of tartar
  • ​They are affordable (40 per cent cheaper than other dental sticks in the market)


  • ​Some have raised concerns that these dog dental sticks come stuck together

​6. Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Daily Dental Dog Treats

Milk-Bone Brushing Chews

These dental treats are specifically flavored with chicken to make them delicious. Reputably, they help to minimize tartar and plaque accumulation and give your dog a fresh breath. Also, it is worth noting that their rice-based recipe has no soy products. Rather, it comprises 16 essential minerals and vitamins which include Calcium meant for Strong teeth and bones. Each of the bones includes 63 Calories. Their twisted configuration and presence of various ridges and nubs help clean tartar from hard-to-strike points.


  • ​They have been granted the VOHC seal of approval
  • ​Quite a number of owners state that their canines find the chews to be pretty appetizing


  • ​Some owners have noticed that while their canine loved the product, it didn’t help to cleanse their pup’s breath

​7. Blue Buffalo Blue Dental Bones sticks

Blue Buffalo

The Blue Buffalo Dental Chews for dogs are devised to keep your dog’s teeth clean. However, they also feature other essential constituents that may present additional health advantages for your dog. Most significantly, they are made from an all-natural combination of ingredients with no wheat, corn or soybeans. More so, it contains no poultry by-products Manufactured with Chondroitin and Glucosamine, they greatly help to enhance your dog's joint health.


  • ​Highly edible
  • ​They are all natural and also free from Free
  • ​Most dog owners have discovered that their canine likes the especially sharp, meaty aroma
  • ​Recommended for picky dogs


  • ​Some owners find these dental chews are bit expensive. However, others are pleased to meet higher costs for the high quality

​8. The OraVet Dog Dental Sticks

The OraVet Dog Dental Sticks

Actually, this brand battles bacterial appendage, the starting spot of calculus, plaque and halitosis. Each of the chew discharges delmopinol HIC, a constituent that covers the gingiva, teeth and the tongue. The delmopinol HIC creates a shielding barrier against the bacteria that produce bad breath. Remember these bacteria are the source for plaque, a problem that affects many dogs. They are created to be exceptional for their teeth. Furthermore, they do not affect their weight or diet consumption overall. If you wish to change your dog's tool then you don't have to worry. Undoubtedly, Oravet dental sticks will work perfectly. This is because it has parsley flakes, Chloraphyl and alfalfa naturally included in them.


  • ​Reduces calculus and plaque
  • ​It prevents bacteria attachment


  • ​While most owners report that their dogs loved it, they also complained of stomach issues after using them

​The best dog dental sticks buyer's guide

​Before trying the dental sticks options you see, there are some useful guidelines you should consider. Basically, these guidelines will help you to save some cash and your dog from further harm. So what are these considerations?

i). The chewing strength.

Before shopping, it is important to consider your dog's chewing strength and their stage of development. Preferably, buy softer dental sticks that are easier to chew for puppies. Further, if your dog is matured, you should choose tougher options that are harder to chew. Actually, this will help your dog in eliminating tartar or plaque through the chewing process.

​ii). Ingredients

Normally, dental sticks for dogs come in different sizes, shapes and formulas. While others are given as a nutritious option, others consider the natural way without necessarily added supplements. Essentially, if you wish to choose among these, you will have to carefully read the ingredients on the package. Notably, it is essential to find out if your dog requires additional proteins or vitamins. Therefore, even as you choose the nutritious alternative, this should be at the center of your mind. For instance, excess protein can lead to kidney issues and with that, you should avoid excess proteins.

​iii). Other benefits for your dog

While choosing your sticks, preventing future eating problems as he gets older is a good idea. The benefits that can be acquired include a reduced bad breath, gum health and improved teeth. If you can find dog dental sticks that offer these benefits, go for them.


​After a thoughtful reflection of the essential factors, we are certain that Greenies Treats are the best in the market. The factors we considered are the availability of a VOHC seal, place of manufacture and general effectiveness. More so, their prices are reasonable and have an excellent chewy feel that your dog will surely love. Hopefully, this review has helped you know the dental sticks for dog you can buy anytime you need to.