Best Bully Sticks for Dogs & Puppies

​A healthy treat for your pup is important. First, it rewards good behavior while providing a strong connection with your best friend. Second, it promotes health by providing valuable nutrients and dental hygiene. We’ll help you navigate through the mountain of choices to find the best and healthiest options. We’ll review top grade products for adult dogs as well as the best bully sticks for puppies.


Reviews of the 7 Best Bully Sticks for Dogs and Puppies

Best Bully Sticks Supreme All-Natural Bully Stick Dog Treats

Best Bully Sticks Supreme All-Natural Bully Stick Dog Treats

Best Bully sticks is one of the most trusted brands. And, their Supreme Sticks are no exception. Made from 100%, all-natural, grass-fed beef, these sticks provide a wholesome snack. Furthermore, this company is known to go above and beyond.Because of their attention to detail when processing, no splinters or debris will be found in their sticks. What’s more, no chemicals or additives are used either. This is important when providing the best nutrition for your little family member.

​These bully sticks are packed full of lean, highly-digestible protein. That means, better nutrition for your dog and easier on their stomach. Because Best Bully sticks last for a good length of time, they help your dog’s teeth. The longer your pup chews, the more chance the stick has a chance to brush away plaque. That’s way up there on the list of favorites for pet owners.

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Pawstruck 7″ Straight Bully Sticks for Dogs or Puppies

Pawstruck 7" Straight Bully Sticks for Dogs or Puppies

Pawstruck is another company that we know and trust. For years, they have provided healthy dog treats. The Straight Bully sticks are an excellent source of nutrients. Made from free ranging, grass-fed beef, these sticks also have no hormones. That means less chemical intake for your puppy. Another great thing about these treats is that they produce very little smell. When Rex is snacking away on his treat, you don’t want a meat smell lingering in the air. As he enjoys his snack time, his teeth will be polished.

These one’s last a pretty good amount of time. In fact, the average time for a dog to finish them is many hours. That means more amusement for your dog and better dental health overall. What’s more, premium grade ingredients provide a healthy alternative to additives. This is one of the healthier choices we’ve seen among the bully sticks for dogs.

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Sancho & Lola’s 6- Inch Bully Sticks for Dogs Moderate Odor 

Sancho & Lola's 6- Inch Bully Sticks for Dogs Moderate Odor 

​When it comes to quality, few can match Sancho and Lola. Their Bully sticks are hand selected and packed. That means more consistency in the sticks. And, that is one of the major complaints we get from dog owners. Namely, that the expensive sticks they purchase vary in size. You won’t feel ripped off with this company.

Also, these sticks are made in the USA. That means a lot when monitoring exactly what goes into the mix. Furthermore, they promote no hormones and no additives. That means 100% beef. Though there is a slight odor to these sticks, it’s not strong. We don’t think that should be a deterrent. Dogs tend to enjoy a treat that still smells like beef. That said, these don’t leave a strong breath smell afterward. Healthy and affordable, these bully sticks will provide a safe and natural way to keep your pup busy.

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Nature Gnaws Small Bully Sticks for Dogs – Premium Natural Beef Bones

Nature Gnaws Small Bully Sticks for Dogs - Premium Natural Beef Bones

Nature Gnaws offers 100% beef from grass-fed steers. These tend to be best for small to medium sized dogs. And, they are one of the best bully sticks for puppies. That said, you can definitely give these sticks to larger dogs. But they might be gone before you know it. Consistently packed, Nature Gnaws provides uniform sized sticks. That means, you get your money’s worth. Also, the company provides a breakdown of all the nutrients. That’s helpful for those that closely watch their dog’s diets.

​Because these sticks are meant for medium and small dogs, they are cut shorter. That also makes it easier to digest. Furthermore, Nature Gnaws has a great track record for not letting wood particles fall into the mix. The last thing you want is your puppy getting a splinter while chewing. They also include a handy resealable bag. That keeps the treats fresh and the smell contained.

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Jack&Pup 6-inch Premium Grade Odor Free Bully Sticks Dog Treats, (25 Pack) – 6” Long 

Jack&Pup 6-inch Premium Grade Odor Free Bully Sticks Dog Treats, (25 Pack) – 6” Long

​Though Jack & Pup tend to be a little expensive, their quality is great. Processed from USDA beef, these sticks offer a top-grade inspection level. No hormones or antibiotics are ever given to their steers. That means healthier treats for your dog.Because these bully sticks are not treated with chemicals, the smell tends to be strong. If you can put up with that, your dog will really enjoy them. Also, like Sancho & Lola, these are hand selected. Providing you with more consistent sizes, it also helps to inspect for splinters or other materials that could harm you pet.

Furthermore, because Jack & Pup bully sticks aren’t stretched, they last longer. That means more down time for your puppy. And, more quiet time for you and your family. What’s more, the longer lasting sticks tend to promote more dental health. So, all around, the longer the sticks last, the better. If you’re willing to shell a few extra bucks, these are a great choice for a natural treat for your dog.

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Top Dog Chews Premium Bully Sticks By Great Lakes – All Natural Dog Treats

Top Dog Chews Premium Bully Sticks By Great Lakes - All Natural Dog Treats

Top Dog Chews are another one that tends to be slightly expensive but brings quality. Because these sticks are extra thick, they last longer than most around. That means these are great for all dogs, including larger breeds. Also, Top Dog Chews are hand-selected for quality and consistency. That means, consistent sizing and consistently free of particles like splinters. The hand-selection process probably raises the price tag a little, but for most dog owners, is a justified hike.

Made from free range Brazilian cattle pizzle, these sticks offer a preservative and additive free treat. What’s more, these bully sticks are extra low with regards to fat. That makes for a lean and healthy treat that also lasts. There is almost no smell to these sticks. That might be good for you and your family, but maybe not as enjoyable for your dog. That said, the payoff here, is that your dog will have a very long-lasting treat.

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Best Cadet Gourmet Bull Sticks For Dog

Best Cadet Gourmet Bull Sticks For Dog

Cadet Bull Sticks are long lasting but have a strong odor. If the strong smell won’t deter you, your dog will love them. Some owners have said that these last for days. Especially for smaller dogs. They are made of 100% South American beef and are pretty consistent in their sizing. Furthermore, the resealable bag is a great feature and helps to contain the strong smell. And, no additives are ever used in these ones either. That makes for a consistently healthy snack, easy on your dog’s stomach and good for the teeth.

They tend to be on the skinnier side. That said, they are dense and take a long time for your dog to chew down. That means more relaxation for your dog and more bang for your buck. Still, Cadet tends to put a pretty hefty price tag on their treats. But, with the long-lasting quality of these sticks, it might be worth it when compared with cheaper alternatives.

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​What to Look for When Shopping for Bully Sticks

​The health and enjoyment of your dog is the most important thing. That said, you don’t want to go broke shopping for treats. With the reviews we’ve provided, we tried to keep the price down and the quality high.

​Keep it In Mind

​First, you want to choose a product that is consistently free of additives. Second, you want to pick a brand that is conscious about removing splinters and debris. Both will ensure that your dog has a healthy snack. We’ve chosen only brands for the reviews that have a proven track record in these areas.The brands that hand select their bully sticks offer the most quality control. When checking for consistent sizing and quality, the workers also remove any debris from the batch. We tend to recommend these above other brands if all things are equal. The only downside of the hand selection process is that the extra labor tends to run the price tag a little higher.


​We hope our review has helped you to navigate through some of the product choices. There are many to choose from. Once you find a brand your dog likes, you’ll probably stick with it. Try keeping an eye on the clock next time your dog is enjoying its treat. The longer lasting sticks will help to keep the cost of this valuable, but expensive, snack down.